Need an insurance card printed?

We’ve recently seen a growth in customers printing their insurance cards here at the Dilly Print Shop and that’s probably because CR Import Auto Repairs is nearby. We welcome all of our customers to drop by and print their insurance cards before heading to CR Import Auto Repairs. In fact, you can email your insurance card to and we’ll print it for you then you can stop by and pick it up. Dilly charges $1 but with tax it comes out to $1.05.

The Dilly Print Shop has been printing insurance cards for about a year but we’ve been doing it far more frequently in the past 6 months or so, at least one customer a day.

It won’t take long to print your card, customers are usually in the office for 2-3 minutes so long as they’ve got their card already in their email. The printing process itself is pretty fast, though.

So if you’re heading to CR Import Auto Repair, they’re going to ask for a copy of your insurance card and we can do that for you!