Client spotlight: Manu

Manu is a printing customer that’s been printing with us since ‘13. Prior to seeing us he was a regular at Big Red Q Quick Print in Kalihi with their past owner, Sport. After they closed and Sport retired he came to the Dilly Print Shop.  

Manu is with the S.W.A.T. gun club in Waikiki. He typically brings in print jobs for them specifically and we’ll print target sheets, disclaimers or safety rules for him once every few months. Manu works closely with Sport because and usually he’ll call Sport himself with the necessary print jobs. Sport will order the prints and Manu will come to pick up with the check.

We’re lucky to have Manu visiting the Dilly Print Shop because he was a past customer of Sport’s, one of the few clients that followed Sport to the Dilly Print Shop. He’s a really nice guy and mostly quiet when he visits it. He’ll bring in 2 or 3 boxes filled with reams of paper, and we love to give him discounts for bringing in his own paper. Manu also benefits from a bulk print discount because of the large print jobs he does. We’re glad Manu likes the Dilly Print Shop and continues to visit us!

Dilly Print Shop

“You guys are the best”

Francis has been a printing client with the Dilly Print Shop since ‘13. He used to be the owner of “Got Snacks Hawaii,” and was also a storage client. However, he recently sold the company but still comes in for printing on a weekly basis.

As a sales representative for GBC professional office products, he does all of that printing with us. He’ll usually email us the documents and come in later to pick them up, at whatever time is most convenient for him. He’ll also do some personal print jobs as he’s a member of Dignity Honolulu, for example recently he had some rsvp cards and fliers printed at the Dilly for an upcoming anniversary dinner. We usually call him when his printing is ready for pickup and have it ready for him at the counter.

“You guys are the best,” said Francis. He really likes the services we offer because we make it easy for him, and since he’s been a storage tenant with us in the past, he liked staying with the same management team. Francis is a loyal client and is never late for a payment, even once when our internet was down, he didn’t want to leave until he payed and our system was back up! Thanks, Francis!