The Dilly Print Shop offers the fastest and most convenient print services for all of our clients. We even make special exceptions for certain clients that are regulars. For example, we keep the credit card information on file to expedite that process. We only do this for 3 of our printshop customers. 

Bussaband Entertainment Group

Makeda with Bussaband Entertainment Group is an example of the exception. They first reached the Dilly Print Shop in November of last year in search for a new printing company to do their flyers, posters, tickets and passes for all of their events. We’ve been consistently servicing them every month since then. Their orders are printed in bulk so they pay a discounted rate.   

Efficient communication

We maintain all communication with Makeda through email. He’ll email us the documents and the quantity for them to be printed at. Typically they request cardstock that needs to be trimmed into special sizes so we do that for them at additional charges. We email them when their order is ready to be picked up and it’s hot and ready at the front desk for them!

Aloha service and quality turnaround time

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha-quality service, and that entails quick turnaround times, convenience and ease of access for our clients.

Lower Printing Rates

We offer lower printing rates if you bring in your own paper. We’ll also print your documents without customers having to physically visit the Dilly Print Shop. If a customer emails us a PDF or JPEG attachment with the printing job specifications, we’ll happily print them out for him or her. This makes it much more convenient for most of our customers and he or she would only have to stop by to pick up their completed order.  

How low?

Our printing rates are $.06 for black and white prints and $.029 for color. These rates are for regular paper, however we also do offer cardstock and glossy cardstock paper options, at higher rates. We offer several paper sizes: standard 8.5” x 11”, 8.5”x14”, 11”x17” and 12”x18”. The Dilly Print Shop also does specialty printing for items like programs, invitations, flyers, posters, business cards and 2,3&4 part NCR forms.

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha service and convenient services, so if you have a question about how we can help you, help us help you and stop on by!