print services

Print shop nearby the DMV

In the past we’ve had a lot of customers from CR Import Auto Repairs come to us to quickly print their insurance cards. We’re in a convenient location for customers who search for a “print shop nearby” on their phone.

Need a print shop nearby?

If you’re in need of printing for the DMV, we’re also very close to that as well. Most people that go to the DMV realize that they need to bring some printed state documents to attain their driver’s licenses or state IDs. Most people have to show proof of residence through bills, so they need access to a computer and printer – and that’s where Dilly Print Shop comes into play!

DMV customers

Because of this influx of customers from the DMV, we put a sign on our computers, “Use our computers to print your documents for $1.00.” People that aren’t storage tenants pay $1.00 to use the computer and $.06 for black and white printing and $.029 for colored printing. These DMV customers visit at least once a day for this service. If you’re ever in need of a print shop nearby, stop by the Dilly Print Shop! We’ve had some really nice customers thank us for being lifesavers because of our proximity to the DMV. Without us, they might have had to drive all the way home to print these documents, and that becomes very frustrating.  

Honolulu print shop changes!

Our Honolulu print shop is going through a lot of changes. We’ve been with Xerox for a long time, since 2012 actually.

Xerox Digital Press

We’ve been only using the Xerox Digital Press for all of our printing needs and to provide printing services to our many clients. We’re happy with Xerox however we thought it was time for a change, and recently switched our Xerox out for a Konica Minolta Digital Press. We got that new printer from a local company, Business Solutions of Hawaii.

Konika Minolta Digital Press

The new machine gives us more options so we can print on more sizes because right now we can only print on four standard sizes. In addition to more options we also attain higher quality because the new prints come out much brighter and clearer. It’s such high quality that it almost seems like you’re printing on high quality paper when in reality you’re still printing on regular paper.

Honolulu Print Shop changes

The Konica Minolta Digital Press also runs faster, which is so helpful when we’re printing large quantity prints. We’re so excited to switch out our front office printers with machines from Business Solutions of Hawaii as well!