Printing for Phoenix Security

High quality printing is just one of our priorities at the Dilly Print Shop. Happy customers are our second priority! Sometimes we stretch our work schedules to make sure all of our clients get the services they need. 

Phoenix Security

Phoenix Security is a new client that’s been seeing us for a few months. Ricky, their representative, found us on google reviews for print shops in the Kalihi area. Ricky heads all of their printing jobs like newsletters, inserts, flyers and memos. He first contacted us to print one of their newsletters, and we told him we could easily do that in less than an hour, so long as he had his files saved in PDF form. And here we are 2 months later doing most of their printing for them and we’re so happy to do so! Ricky also comments on how happy he is that he found the Dilly Print Shop every time he comes in to pick up a sample of his newsletter.

High quality customer service

Sometimes Ricky leaves the office later than usual so he doesn’t reach us until after we’ve closed, but because we’ve been working with him for a while now, we’ll let him stop by after office hours to pick up his printing jobs. Most of the time we’ll have someone there finishing up after office hours, and because we like Ricky, we’ll invite him to stop by after hours if he really needs to pick up a printing job. That’s just one of the things we’ll do to make sure our customers are happy and that they keep coming back!