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Being close by is helpful!

We were the nearest print shop for Renee a few weeks ago when she was in need of some printing services. Renee found us on yelp and emailed us asking for quotes.

She was planning on printing funeral programs and wanted them printed on a beige cardstock. However, we didn’t carry this cardstock so she brought her own paper for us to print on. After she picked up the finished product, Renee commented on how happy she was with the finished job! The programs looked very nice and she said she was so glad that she had found us on yelp.

thank you for the yelp reviews

Our customers have left behind very nice comments on yelp about us. It’s one of the reasons why Renee picked up, other than the fact that we were the nearest print shop for her. Renee said she’d be sure to recommend us to her friends and family in the future.

being close by is really nice

Proximity and commute is a big factor for most of our customers when picking a print shop. The Dilly Print Shop is luckily located in a central part of town for most people, so it makes it easier for a lot of our customers. We are also available if you contact us through email, just like Renee did. We can answer your questions and give you some quotes through email, if that makes it easier for you!

print shop

The dilly print shop for Dawn

The dilly print shop received a funny call the other week from Dawn at D. Otani Produce. D Otani Produce is right around the block from us. They called us because they heard there was a print shop in our storage facilities and thought that the person that told them that was wrong! Surprise, we have a print shop here!

We gave Dawn some of our prices over the phone, based on what her printing needs that she described to us were. She dropped by and gave us her thumb drive with some files on it that needed printing.

We love ya, Dawn!

Dawn was awesome! When she stopped by, it felt like we had known her for forever. We talked story, laughed and made jokes as if we were family. We ended up printing more for her than what she initially came in for. She said she’d rather not have to print and staple anything herself, so we did it all for her!

Stop by the dilly print shop

Dawn stopped by again when her order was ready for pickup. She said we were lifesavers to her, and that she loved how close we were. Dawn said she’ll be back for her future printing needs, and she would definitely recommend us to others!