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Specialty Paper Printing

The Dilly Print Shop carries “No Carbon Required” (NCR) paper which is a unique kind of coated paper meant to transfer information written on to the sheets beneath it. It can be helpful for scorecards and attendance records at educational institutions.

Athletic Rosters

Frank, a baseball coach, asked us to help make baseball rosters on this NCR paper. We helped him do the layout for it and prepared the rosters for him. He called later, asking if we could add players’ names to the list. Then, he needed to make adjustments to other names, adding and removing certain items. Then, we had to adjust the number of sheets for each set of rosters. Then, he asked if we could add the school logo to rosters and switch up the orientation of the sheets. He called us as the ideas were coming to him, and we were happy to help make it happen for him!

Layout Changes

He really liked the latest change and the final version of the rosters. We are sure that he’ll be calling with new ideas and changes, we get excited when he has new rosters to turn out because something is always changing! There are layout fees for preparing print layouts at the Dilly Print Shop and making edits to the layouts. But we’re happy to help, especially when printing on unique paper such as NCR paper.

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Jennifer’s Dilly Print Shop Experience

Jennifer stopped by our Dilly Print Shop with a thumb drive and her husband’s documents that were ready for printing. Her husband was working on assembling booklets for weeks and Jennifer commented on how relieved she was to be printing everything. We love it when people stay to talk story with us while doing their printing. We like getting to know our customers and their stories!

Recommending the Dilly Print Shop

Jennifer was emailing her friends, recommending our Dilly Print Shop to them while waiting for her documents to be done. She was so happy with how everything was coming out and the price she paid for it that she wanted to stay in the office with us! She was very satisfied with how the prints came out overall.

Happy Customers

In the next few days, her husband came in to make copies of other documents he needed. He even brought in his co-worker to print his documents as well. We love it when our happy and satisfied customers recommend us to their friends – it makes us happy, too!

Layout Printing Services

If you are in need of layout printing services, check out our blog post on that, too!