Print Order for Jim

Jim gave us a call to see if we could print some fundraising tickets for him. He needed it to be quick, affordable and high quality. Those three things describe our print shop accurately! Jim did not need any cuts on his prints, just straight prints. It was a simple job. 

Print Job for Jim

We were in communication with him over the phone about what he needed and he sent us an email with the files. We confirmed with him on the phone for the quantities and paper options. We had it done in an hour. Jim stopped by to pick it up that day! 


Jim was so happy that he was able to get this done and squared away in an efficient and affordable way. We love it when customers are satisfied with our work and we see them walk away with a happy face. It makes us happy, too! Jim had been calling around to other print shops that day to see who could get the job done. We are so glad he picked us! 

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