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Dilly Print Shop for Rick Blangiardi

The Dilly Print Shop has not had much action this month with customers. The recent shutdown and overall COVID restrictions have lowered demand for printing services. Given the non-existent wedding planning market, we are not getting any invitation printing requests either. It has been a tough year for all of us but we are looking forward to a hopefully brighter future in the coming months. 

Dilly Print Shop Printing for Rick

The most exciting thing that has happened this month is printing for Rick Blangiardi’s Mayoral Campaign. We have formally stated our support for Blangiardi and are happy to be carrying out the printing services for the campaign. We have been busy printing flyers, posters and business cards to advertise for him.


Even if people are not in favor of voting for Rick Blangiardi, we hope everyone gets out there to vote anyway! The great part about our Dilly Print Shop ohana is that we welcome anyone and everyone regardless of who they are supporting this election. We want everyone to feel welcomed in our facilities. After all, customer service is our top priority here! 


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