printing services

Printing Services with Short Turnaround


We love giving our customers a quick turnaround time for printing services. For simple print jobs, we can do as fast as 24 hour turnaround time. For complex jobs that require a layout service, this takes at least 2 business days. Prepared customers with documents ready to print speed up the print process. We encourage emailing all documents to us before you stop by, it helps us get your documents back to you faster! 


Clary needed to print some wedding invitations along with RSVP cards. We love seeing wedding invitations, and can’t wait to print more when big events come back to normal! Clary already invested in her own template and had the invitations ready to go. She needed them printed on cardstock and cut to template size. We printed a few samples for her to see which cardstock material she preferred, and she loved the options. She knew what she wanted after seeing the samples and we were able to get her invitations printed and ready for pickup within two days! Clary was so happy with the quick turnaround time. She was able to get her invitations out on time, and we were able to make another customer happy with our printing services! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Customer Service

The Dilly Print Shop serves the best customer service in town. We love hearing the sigh of relief from customers when they learn that we can get their print job done quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. During these weird times, we prioritize customer service even more because we know people could use some aloha, even over the phone. We handle many of our print jobs over the phone and email before the customer even walks through the doors.  


Janine had a few things that needed to print on card stock. She had her layouts, templates and print documents ready to go. We were the third print shop she had called that day and was heading over to us before she hung up the phone. She reported that the other two print shops were rude over the phone and could not give her a straightforward answer for a simple print job. Janine was relieved when she talked to us and we could give her a price over the phone. She stopped by with her thumb drive in hand, ready to print. We were so happy to have Janine stop by the Dilly Print Shop! 


Check out our other services offered on property, like storage and van rentals.