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Print Shop for Graduation Season

The print shop loves supporting the graduation season. Pandemic restrictions are still in place and so many graduation ceremonies are virtual. However, “graduation drive-by” celebrations are common. We have seen many creative celebrations for graduates that still include all of the leis and big signs. The Dilly Print Shop does not print banners but we have been printing big signs and posters for vehicles to display while driving by and honoring their graduates! The Hawai’i graduation season is unlike any other and we love to see the aloha still in place, even during the pandemic.

Print Shop for Drive-By Graduations

Print shop customers have designed creative posters for their graduates. We have seen all kinds of designs and drawings. Some people put posters all over their vehicle while others decorate the dashboard and some even hang out of the vehicle while holding signs! We are impressed by some of our outgoing customers who put so much effort into decorating their car for these drive-by graduations. It’s amazing to see an entire family working together to decorate a small vehicle for one graduate, and we love it! We have even seen some families do drive-by birthday parties. 


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Dilly Print Shop Business Customers Return

Dilly Print Shop is looking forward to the return of business print customers. We have not seen some of our business clients in over a year due to the pandemic. Slowly but surely we have seen them open up. 

Paradise Rent a Car Returns

Paradise Rent a Car has been a print shop customer for years. They rent vehicles and mopeds. Prior to the pandemic, we saw them frequently. We printed invoice documents for them periodically. Once the shutdown started and tourism in the islands came to a halt, business for them stopped as well. We have not seen them in over a year. We just delivered a print job for them for the first time since the shutdown! The rental car industry has been expanding rapidly because tourism is picking up now that the summer months are here. We are looking forward to doing business with them in the future. 

Dilly Print Shop Business Clients

Dilly Print Shop is excited to see some of our long time clients come back into business now that pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted. We are also seeing a return of public sporting events, weddings and social gatherings. The print shop offers printing services for these types of events. 


Check out our other services on property, such as storage and truck rentals.