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Dilly Print Shop Does Lamination

The Dilly Print Shop offers several printing services, including laminations. We can laminate small and large documents. If you bring your items in, we can give you a lamination estimate. 


Lamination is the process of manufacturing materials in multiple layers so that the outer layer has improved strength and durability. The outer layer is typically made of plastic and offers secure insulation and a nice appearance. It can be great to extend the life of a document. 

Lamination to Preserve Documents

Lamination can be especially helpful to preserve important documents. Amy called and asked if we could laminate three COVID vaccination cards for her. Given all of the restrictions in place and the requirement to show proof of vaccination, she had a great idea to laminate her cards. This would help preserve them for future use. It’s also a safeguard against water spillages, etc. The vaccination cards made of paper are vulnerable and could be easily damaged. We thought this was a great idea and the Dilly Print Shop was happy to do this for her. Many places are requiring proof of vaccination upon entry so we know Amy will use her cards in the near future! 


We also offer other services on property. We have storage units and van rentals available!