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Print Shop Demand Returns to Normal

As public events return to normal on a larger scale, we are seeing more independent vendors coming in for print shop orders. We love meeting and talking to crafters and bakers in need of printing labels, menus and price sheets for their booths at craft fair events. The Dilly Print Shop offers these unique printing needs. We love working with entrepreneurs and local small businesses. It is very exciting to see public events kicking into high gear this summer season. We are expecting higher demands this summer compared to last so we encourage all print shop customers to place their orders sooner rather than later! We are happy to accept documents that need to be printed over email. This is convenient for both the customer and our office. Our turnaround time is shorter for smaller print projects compared to larger ones. However, we are quick to reply over email for all projects and get your project moving underway! 

Layout Services for Print Shop Orders

We also offer layout services for a fee if you’re looking for help with designing a unique layout for your print service. This may be of interest to vendors looking to print for very specific product sizes.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.

Computers at the Dilly Print Shop

We are excited to announce that the computers in our lobby are now open for use for all Dilly Print Shop customers! During the pandemic, we have restricted the use of these public computers due to the potential spread of bacteria and concerns for virus transmission. However, now that they are back open for customer use, customers can use the computers to send us documents to print. 

Dilly Print Shop Customer Information

There are numerous customers from the DMV down the street that stop by to print documents. We typically give them the option of using the computers in the lobby to pull up their documents and print themselves. Another option is to send documents to our print shop email address and we can print it directly from our computers. This method is typically much faster. If customers choose to login to their personal email account on our computers, we delete their login information before they even leave our office. We want all print shop customers to know that we immediately delete any sensitive email login information. We want our customers to feel comfortable using our computers.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.