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Dilly Print Shop Welcomes Jasmine

The Dilly Print Shop has recently brought on new members to its team. We love welcoming new employees to our ohana. They help us to service more customers and operate more efficiently overall! We love our team. They help to take care of our Dilly Print Shop customers and keep things running smoothly. Without them, we would be nothing. It would be impossible to provide the kind of print services that we do without all their hard work and attention. It requires an attention-oriented personality to produce high quality prints, layouts and design services. It takes us a while to find someone who is both reliable and talented. When we do find someone that checks all of the boxes for us, we keep them!

Jasmine for the Dilly Print Shop

Jasmine is our most recent new employee. She has become known as the Print Shop Master! We love working with Jasmine and are very excited to have her on the team. Jasmine is also a layout and graphic designer. We now have 2 designers that can help with the more complicated print jobs that require layout designs. These jobs are usually in high demand. Before Jasmine joined the team, we only had one graphic designer. It took us a while to get through the numerous customer requests for these layout services. Jasmine has been able to work through all of our graphic design jobs and help to service these customers. 


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and van rentals.