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Print Services for Business Customer: Aloha Jetski

We love working on print services for business customers. During the pandemic, the shutdowns really put a damper on business activity and we did not see as many printing requests during that time. The printing activity for public events, announcements and invitations dropped down to almost nothing. It is an encouraging feeling to see businesses coming back to life after such a long time under pandemic restrictions. We know that local businesses and vendors have endured the some of the worst parts of the pandemic and we’re glad to see them back in action and opening doors once again.

Print Services for Aloha Jetski

We have been printing for Aloha Jetski for some time. They are a local vendor for water sports equipment rental services. We have been printing their waivers for some time now but recently we’ve been printing more. Now that summer time is around the corner, business is getting busy for them. We love seeing customers keeping busy with their businesses, especially after the pandemic! Just like with our van rentals, we get to see the growth of a local business up-close by offering these print services. We highly recommend their services, they are such wonderful people and we love working with them. 

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We offer other services on property, such as storage units and van rentals