“Big Ben”

Ben has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop for a while now. Ben is an events promoter known as “Big Ben Entertainment.” We print concert tickets and “all-access” passes. Recently we printed the itinerary for a Mother’s Day event, “ladies of the 80s.”  

Samantha, another Dilly Print client of ours, referred Big Ben to do their printing with us. Sam works closely with Ben and sometimes she is our point of contact. She’ll email files to us print for Big Ben. Typically Samantha will pick up the finished print jobs for Ben, in fact most of our staff at the Dilly Print Shop haven’t even seen Ben before! However for certain customers like Ben who are very busy, we keep his credit card information on file and charge for the printing once the order is picked up.

Sam has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop since ‘13 and referred Ben late last year. We only keep credit cards on file for a few printing businesses and Big Ben Entertainment is one of them. We know that work can get busy and hectic so we try to make it as convenient and simple as possible for these clients.