Dilly print shop turnaround time is a priority!

same day print

Our shop has some fast turnaround time. We do same day printing. We’re also very fast at replying to emails. If you email us with questions about our services or some quotes you want, we can get back to you real quick. We’ll also work with you to make sure your necessary jobs are done on time. For example if you have a recurring print job with us, leave the template with us and we’ll make sure it’s ready for pickup every time you need it. We can also keep your payment information on file if you’d like, to quicken your payment process in the future.

print shop priorities

The Dilly Print shop prioritizes its customer service, and you can see that in our Yelp and Google Reviews. We’ve had customers leave very nice remarks about us, and we strive to keep those coming! Fast turnaround time and same day printing are some things that we’re very proud of, so stop by and say hi for some high-quality printing and customer service!  

Eddy’s wedding programs

For some of our customers, their primary criteria in searching for print shops is for a print shop nearby. That was Eddy’s primary criteria. Eddy discovered us through yelp and sent us an email requesting a quote for some print jobs that he needed. He was planning on using his own stock of linen paper and wanted us to print on it. We responded to his email and answered his questions and he came into the Dilly soon after. We recognized his name and immediately knew what he wanted and the quantity of each attachment he sent us.

Eddy was interested in printing some wedding programs, menus and weekend itineraries for his guests. The wedding was the following week. We were talking story with him after we were done with printing and he commented that he was searching for a print shop nearby that offered everything he wanted at a reasonable price, and that he was glad he found us. He was especially happy that we answered all of his questions via email, making his search for a print shop much easier. Eddy said he would definitely come back if him and his new wife needed anything done in the future!

” printing places ” – mobile printing

The app Print Me is making it a lot easier for customers to search and find “ printing places ” conveniently. The app allows customers to quickly and easily find locations of Print Me stations. Customers can also print documents directly from their phone to the machine.

printing places

There are only 7 of these Print Me compatible places, and we are going to be the 8th one. The app makes it easier for customers to download exactly what they want to get printed by just following the steps. Our printer has a pay machine kiosk attached to it that customers then scan the barcode on this kiosk to pay. It’s that simple! Our recent Digital Press machine that we got will match perfectly with the new Print Me application! For printing customers that are not already tenants, they just have to pay an additional $1 to use our computers at the front desk if they wanted to print from those.

We’re still in the training stage with Print Me apps and the pay machine accompanying it but once we get the hang of it we’ll be on our way to quicker and simpler printing!

Printing for Phoenix Security

High quality printing is just one of our priorities at the Dilly Print Shop. Happy customers are our second priority! Sometimes we stretch our work schedules to make sure all of our clients get the services they need. 

Phoenix Security

Phoenix Security is a new client that’s been seeing us for a few months. Ricky, their representative, found us on google reviews for print shops in the Kalihi area. Ricky heads all of their printing jobs like newsletters, inserts, flyers and memos. He first contacted us to print one of their newsletters, and we told him we could easily do that in less than an hour, so long as he had his files saved in PDF form. And here we are 2 months later doing most of their printing for them and we’re so happy to do so! Ricky also comments on how happy he is that he found the Dilly Print Shop every time he comes in to pick up a sample of his newsletter.

High quality customer service

Sometimes Ricky leaves the office later than usual so he doesn’t reach us until after we’ve closed, but because we’ve been working with him for a while now, we’ll let him stop by after office hours to pick up his printing jobs. Most of the time we’ll have someone there finishing up after office hours, and because we like Ricky, we’ll invite him to stop by after hours if he really needs to pick up a printing job. That’s just one of the things we’ll do to make sure our customers are happy and that they keep coming back!

Print shop nearby the DMV

In the past we’ve had a lot of customers from CR Import Auto Repairs come to us to quickly print their insurance cards. We’re in a convenient location for customers who search for a “print shop nearby” on their phone.

Need a print shop nearby?

If you’re in need of printing for the DMV, we’re also very close to that as well. Most people that go to the DMV realize that they need to bring some printed state documents to attain their driver’s licenses or state IDs. Most people have to show proof of residence through bills, so they need access to a computer and printer – and that’s where Dilly Print Shop comes into play!

DMV customers

Because of this influx of customers from the DMV, we put a sign on our computers, “Use our computers to print your documents for $1.00.” People that aren’t storage tenants pay $1.00 to use the computer and $.06 for black and white printing and $.029 for colored printing. These DMV customers visit at least once a day for this service. If you’re ever in need of a print shop nearby, stop by the Dilly Print Shop! We’ve had some really nice customers thank us for being lifesavers because of our proximity to the DMV. Without us, they might have had to drive all the way home to print these documents, and that becomes very frustrating.  

Honolulu print shop changes!

Our Honolulu print shop is going through a lot of changes. We’ve been with Xerox for a long time, since 2012 actually.

Xerox Digital Press

We’ve been only using the Xerox Digital Press for all of our printing needs and to provide printing services to our many clients. We’re happy with Xerox however we thought it was time for a change, and recently switched our Xerox out for a Konica Minolta Digital Press. We got that new printer from a local company, Business Solutions of Hawaii.

Konika Minolta Digital Press

The new machine gives us more options so we can print on more sizes because right now we can only print on four standard sizes. In addition to more options we also attain higher quality because the new prints come out much brighter and clearer. It’s such high quality that it almost seems like you’re printing on high quality paper when in reality you’re still printing on regular paper.

Honolulu Print Shop changes

The Konica Minolta Digital Press also runs faster, which is so helpful when we’re printing large quantity prints. We’re so excited to switch out our front office printers with machines from Business Solutions of Hawaii as well!

Bring your own paper

Print services on custom or special paper for invitations or newsletters and such can get pretty expensive and pricey. We know because we set the prices. However, we encourage all of our customers to bring their own paper and we’ll give you a discount! Office Depot is nearby and has really fun colors and prints available. These come in handy for invitations and newsletters. They also recently started carrying some new collections that come in 250/pack. Our staff has gotten some as well and we like it. By doing this, you can take your time in picking out a wider variety of colors and designs for paper. If you want sparkles in your paper, Office Depot probably has sparkles for your paper.

Saving money on print services

The Dilly Print Shop will charge you less for bringing your own paper so you get to save money and also get the paper you want, it’s a great win-win for our customers! Keep in mind that the heaviest you can print with us is 110 lb. paper so make sure to abide by this limit and you’ll be good when purchasing your own paper.

This is an easy way to help our customers cut costs for our print services and get them what they want at the same time!

Customer spotlight: Ian

We do a variety of print services for customers ranging from invitations to price sheets, manuals and labels. We also personalize print jobs according to your needs, so just come in and talk to us and we’ll work something out to fit your business needs!

Print services?

Dragon Shrimp Chips is one of our print clients that we’d like to talk about today. Ian is the owner of Dragon Shrimp Chips and he first came to us for our Uhaul trucks (though as of Oct 1, we are no longer a Uhaul dealer.) His business is primarily based in Hilo but he’s come over for conventions to have his chips sold here on Oahu. After coming down up for a few successful conventions he contacted us to print some labels for all of his chip bags that would be sold here. It’s really convenient for him because we’ll have his labels ready here on Oahu for him so he can pick them up when he arrives.

We love Ian!

Ian always makes us laugh when he stops by. He’s hilarious and is always joking about his poor eyesight so he has to read papers real up-close. Ian is also pretty loud when he stops by, but we love the company. We also love his yummy chips that some of us have been able to sample!

Wedding invitations!

The Dilly Print Shop loves catering to its clients and customers. We like to make sure our customers’ needs and expectations are being met for all of their print jobs.

Last week we met Loreley and Joshua who are getting married in Puerto Rico very soon and came to us to print their wedding invitations. Loreley emailed the Dilly Print Shop a PDF file and we printed some samples for her. She loved the samples and decided to print her wedding invitations with us.

While she was visiting us to pick up her finished invitations we talked to her about her upcoming plans for the wedding and why they picked Puerto Rico. It was really nice talking to her and we found out that she was trying to do more for the invitations with some gold paper as a background. She was worried that cutting it herself with scissors would come out messy but we reassured her that we could help her out! We have a professional cutting machine that can do the job no problem and we’ll make sure her wedding invitations come out beautiful!

The Dilly Print Shop loves having these kind of customer interactions that help us to better serve you so make sure to say hi when you stop by!  

Print client spotlight: Jon’s KYM Bento

Bentos are one of Hawaii’s signature dishes, and we’re happy to provide printing services for one of our clients that owns a bento shop! Jon at KYM Bento has been a personal friend of ours for a long time.

Jon’s yummy bentos

Jon has two storage units at Dillingham Self Storage and has been a tenant since ‘10. Jon does plate lunch bentos and sushi but is also known for his catering services, too. His bentos are so yummy that even our staff has ordered from him! His portion sizes are pretty good for their price.

Jon’s printing services

As a client of ours, we do all of his printing services for him, specifically his menus and bento labels. He only prints twice a year with us but he typically does them in bulk orders so we give him a discount because of that. He’s been printing with us since ‘14. We love talking story with Jon when he comes by, the last time he was here we talked about the pokemon go game. At the Dilly Print Shop we really enjoy conversations with our clients and tenants.