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Dilly is meant for everyone!

We welcome everyone to The Dilly Print Shop, even if you’re not a tenant! In fact, it’s really easy for non-tenants to visit Dilly. We’re located in the same building as Dillingham Self Storage on the first floor.

It’s the same printing process and prices for both tenants and non-tenants. Most use our computers to print their email attachments, some come in with their file on a flash drive. Either way, we’ll be helping you with every step. We charge 6 cents a sheet for black and white and 29 cents a sheet for color. However, if a customer brings in his or her own paper, they will pay a discounted price of 4 cents per sheet for black and white and 25 cents per sheet for color. Our prices vary a little more though when a customer wants to print with a heavier paper.

Most customers walk into our office asking for the print shop and we want you to know that you’re in the right place! It may be a little confusing because a majority of our building is for Self Storage, but we’re also here for printing.  

print shop

Xerox maintenance to the rescue!

Every once in awhile our printers malfunction, and that’s when we call Xerox maintenance. We can’t prevent malfunctions, and sincerely do apologize when incidents delay a customer’s printing process.

A few weeks ago Ramona came in to print funeral programs. She had everything already formatted and ready to print in an email. At the Dilly Print Shop, we can print files on a customer’s flash drive or if in an email we’ll save it to our drive to print it.

Our printer went down while she was printing programs so only half of her needed programs were finished. Xerox maintenance couldn’t fix our printer until the next morning at 8:30. They stayed until noon fixing it and we were finally able print the rest of Ramona’s programs after they were done. Ramona needed her programs before Wednesday, the day of the funeral and we fortunately got the rest of her job done by noon on Monday.

Ramona was still satisfied with the Dilly Print Shop’s services and had no problem even though our printer failed her on the first day! She recommended the Dilly Print Shop to her sisters, even with our printing problems while she was here.

Printing with Brook

We love chatting with our tenants, especially ones like Brook! Brook is such a sweet, outgoing person that stays to talk story with our Dillingham family with each visit. She’s always in a good mood and we love chatting with her about new happenings!

Brook has been a tenant since 2011, leasing a storage unit with us since then and also visiting our print shop every month.

As a Hawaiian artist, illustrator and historian, she uses our print shop to print artwork on postcard-sized fliers. We let her bring her own paper in and give her a discount for it. She’ll typically leave her flash drive with us and we take care of the rest! Each postcard has the history of a Hawaiian king or queen with an image of them and we make sure we give her the best image quality for each of them. She also prints the history of certain hula dances on some. She lectures at Native Hawaiian events in the Waikiki area and uses her printings at her lectures.

Brook has visited other places for printing but Dillingham is a one-stop shop for all of her needs, including storage.


We love welcoming newcomers to Hawaii – especially when we’re printing for their wedding!

Last week we had a bride, Kelly, visit the Dilly Print Shop who needed some help with her printing. She needed a fast print job that could be done in less than 24 hours – and that’s what we did!  

Kelly and her fiancee (now husband,) Brock, are from Texas and were visiting Hawaii to hold their wedding at Ocean Gardens in Paradise Cove. Kelly had a full week leading up to the wedding planned for her family while they were visiting. She needed to print an agenda for her guests and needed it done quickly.

Kelly had her layout and template prepared and just needed to pick out her paper and print. It wasn’t their first time in Hawaii and they found our Dilly Print Shop on google while they were visiting Best Buy.   

They picked the Dilly Print Shop because we were close, convenient and could offer a print job quickly for her. Congratulations Kelly and Brock, we’re happy we could help!

Eyesight Hawaii

Eyesight Hawaii is sponsoring the Annual Hawaii Future Physician’s Symposium this Saturday, Sept. 19, open to high school students and their parents.

John Olkowski, MD, will be hosting the event and also offering a $500 scholarship for one attending student.

Eyesight Hawaii has been printing with the Dilly print shop since we opened! We print flyers, gift certificates, cards and postcards for all of their events. We’ll let her bring her own paper and we’ll give her a better rate for it. Christel, their marketing officer, visits us every week, and even more often when big events come around – like the annual symposium. We’re close and convenient for her, so we always get visits.

Christel has written some really nice reviews for us on Google, “Turns out they charge cheaper than who I normally used to use for my print jobs and they provide great service and quality.”

She’s even referred a friend to visit us!

The symposium will host a wide range of physicians like dermatologists, OBGYNs, and even some medical students from the University of Hawaii to answer questions for prospective students. Eyesight Hawaii, the leading laser eye center, also sponsors other events such as seminars on cataract surgery.


Dilly Print Shop

Dilly does it again!

We love it when people write (nice) reviews for us, especially like the one that Samantha wrote for us a few weeks ago!

“All I can say is I LOVE DILLY PRINT SHOP!! Not only for their business services but for their character. Amazing team, amazing quality and amazing pricing,” said Samantha in her review.

Samantha is an events coordinator for local functions and visits us weekly to print fliers and posters for upcoming affairs. We also help her with printing VIP passes for local concerts. She’s been a regular here for about a year but has been to other print shops before joining our family. She’s such a friendly customer and always chatting with other people during her visit. Sam told us that she typically writes terse reviews for businesses but had so much to say for the Dilly Print Shop! Sam repeatedly used the word “awesome” in describing the print shop and admired how Nanette (our #1) is willing to get down and dirty to clean our Uhaul trucks. Samantha loves visiting the Dilly Print Shop so much that she’s referred her colleagues here as well!

Dillingham Storage offers referral discounts, both the tenant and new member will receive $50 off the next month’s rent.

In the words of Samantha, “CHECK THEM OUT!!!! You will not be disappointed ;-)!”

Ron the entrepreneur

We love supporting our local entrepreneurs, especially individuals like Ron who uses our print shop!

Ron recently moved back to Hawaii from the mainland and is in the process of re-establishing his auto-detailing business. We helped him assemble a business proposal at the Dilly print shop – formatting, cropping and printing to fit it all on an 8.5 x 11!

Prior to moving to the mainland, Ron used the print shop almost every other week. In the past we’ve helped him print fliers, price listings and gift certificates.

Ron is an innovative, energetic entrepreneur and we enjoy helping him out, along with other local trail blazers! 


We love seeing familiar faces in the Dilly Print Shop, especially Father Victor, a priest at a nearby hospital. He visits us every week and we help him with cropping pictures, adding borders and making copies. He’s a loyal customer and an entertaining comedian. He makes it easy for us to help him. We look forward to seeing his face every week!

As part of his work, he prints programs and fliers for funerals. The Dilly Print Shop gives him the necessary resources and we’re there to help him!

We love developing these kinds of relationships with our customers, it’s like a family over here.