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Printing Services with Short Turnaround


We love giving our customers a quick turnaround time for printing services. For simple print jobs, we can do as fast as 24 hour turnaround time. For complex jobs that require a layout service, this takes at least 2 business days. Prepared customers with documents ready to print speed up the print process. We encourage emailing all documents to us before you stop by, it helps us get your documents back to you faster! 


Clary needed to print some wedding invitations along with RSVP cards. We love seeing wedding invitations, and can’t wait to print more when big events come back to normal! Clary already invested in her own template and had the invitations ready to go. She needed them printed on cardstock and cut to template size. We printed a few samples for her to see which cardstock material she preferred, and she loved the options. She knew what she wanted after seeing the samples and we were able to get her invitations printed and ready for pickup within two days! Clary was so happy with the quick turnaround time. She was able to get her invitations out on time, and we were able to make another customer happy with our printing services! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Customer Service

The Dilly Print Shop serves the best customer service in town. We love hearing the sigh of relief from customers when they learn that we can get their print job done quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. During these weird times, we prioritize customer service even more because we know people could use some aloha, even over the phone. We handle many of our print jobs over the phone and email before the customer even walks through the doors.  


Janine had a few things that needed to print on card stock. She had her layouts, templates and print documents ready to go. We were the third print shop she had called that day and was heading over to us before she hung up the phone. She reported that the other two print shops were rude over the phone and could not give her a straightforward answer for a simple print job. Janine was relieved when she talked to us and we could give her a price over the phone. She stopped by with her thumb drive in hand, ready to print. We were so happy to have Janine stop by the Dilly Print Shop! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Turnaround Times

The Dilly Print Shop is known for having fast turnaround times while providing high quality services. Before COVID, we had longer office hours and shorter processing times. Due to new restrictions, we had to shorten our office hours. This leaves less time for staff to process print orders. We thank you all for bearing with us during these times. 

Dilly Print Shop Unique Orders

For orders that just require printing, layout or cutting, turnaround time is usually the end of day. For other orders that require more detail, like cutting, padding, numbering or booklet style invoicing, these take much longer. For these unique orders, we call in our master cutter, Sport. Sport works with us on call, so we call him when we need him. These kinds of special orders will take at least two days to complete. We want customers to understand this longer time frame is because of the longer processing times and attention to detail that these orders demand. Lately, we have been receiving these kinds of inquiries in higher volumes. Feel free to give us a call or email our staff, we can help answer any more questions you have. Unique orders that have some complexity take longer in general, but with our COVID restrictions, they are even more delayed. We apologize for this inconvenience, we can’t wait for COVID to be over, too! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop: Public Use Computers

The Dilly Print Shop has implemented new routines due to COVID-19. As a result, we require masks on at all times while on property and have limited the number of guests allowed in the lobby at one time. We are also limiting our restroom use to office hours only, we have also changed. New office hours are Monday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 12-5. We are also prohibiting public use of computers in the lobby. We know this can be an inconvenience to our print shop customers. We recommend emailing us your documents before leaving home. This way we can print them without you needing computer access. We also have a daily handful of customers coming from the DMV to print documents. Unfortunately, we have to turn them away or ask them to email the documents beforehand. 

Dilly Print Shop Prioritizes Safety

We know these rules are inconvenient, but we do them to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. As a business, we have also implemented new cleaning routines, check them out here. Our goal is to make our customers feel as safe as possible when they enter our facilities. Safety is our priority, especially during this time.  

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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Offers Faxing and Scanning

The Dilly Print Shop offers a wide variety of services. We service general printing, layouts and formatting, invitations as well as scanning and fax services. We have had several customers call in and ask about these services. Although we advertise our printing and layout services, we also offer scanning and fax services. Our prices are listed here on our website. We are listed as an Essential Business and will remain open for all your printing needs in the case of a potential future shutdown. Keep us in mind for some speedy printing errands now that offices are closed. We’re fast on email but also love getting phone calls! 

Customer Service at Dilly Print Shop

Here at the Dilly Print Shop we pride ourselves on delivering high quality customer service. That means we’re open Monday-Saturday (with new hours effective 3/23/2020). Saturdays tend to be a great day for everyone to do errands, that’s why we choose to stay open on the weekend.We know these are unprecedented, stressful times for everyone involved. The best thing we can do now is spread aloha to everyone that walks through the front door, while wearing masks! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop: Help Us Help You

Printing at the Dilly Print Shop is always fast and convenient. We have a few tips for our customers to help us help you speed up the process. 

Consolidate Files

First, we ask that the PDF files to be printed be sent to us directly in one email at It’s much easier to manage all of the files if they are contained in one single email. It also helps us to provide you with accurate estimates of the printing cost. 

Detailed Instructions

Second, we ask that detailed instructions be included in the email with the PDF files. This helps us to deliver the best services so we know exactly what you want. By knowing this information up front, we can typically carry out services more efficiently and also give you a faster turnaround time. This also helps with providing the cost quotes.  

Dilly Print Shop

These processes helps prevent downtime for the customer. By having the documents prepared prior to your arrival, it makes it much easier for all parties involved. There are some customers who we coordinate with solely over email and they only visit the physical storefront to pick up the finished product! We are also quick to answer the phone and reply to emails so we can speed up communications. 


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Dilly Print Shop

The Dilly Print Shop Helps Alys

The Dilly Print Shop loves to help our customers during overwhelming times. Sometimes we can make exceptions to our typical operation schedules to make our customers happy

Alys at the Dilly Print Shop

We had a Dilly Print Shop customer come in recently who needed prayer cards cut for an upcoming funeral service in less than two days. Typically for print jobs that require multiple cutting services, we need a two day time window to give time for us to call our cutter in. However, Alys was very well prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. She had the formats and layout ready to go and it ready for print upon her arrival. Consequently, we pushed to have our cutter come in the next day so they could pick it up less than 24 hours later. Typically it takes us two days to bring our cutter in but we were happy to help Alys out. Aly and her mom were so happy that their print order was done quickly and at a great price. They were very appreciative of our friendly and time-efficient services! We love making our customers happy, especially when they need a quick turnaround. It’s one of our top priorities as a print shop, and we’re happy to bend some rules to make it happen!


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Dilly Print Shop for Rick Blangiardi

The Dilly Print Shop has not had much action this month with customers. The recent shutdown and overall COVID restrictions have lowered demand for printing services. Given the non-existent wedding planning market, we are not getting any invitation printing requests either. It has been a tough year for all of us but we are looking forward to a hopefully brighter future in the coming months. 

Dilly Print Shop Printing for Rick

The most exciting thing that has happened this month is printing for Rick Blangiardi’s Mayoral Campaign. We have formally stated our support for Blangiardi and are happy to be carrying out the printing services for the campaign. We have been busy printing flyers, posters and business cards to advertise for him.


Even if people are not in favor of voting for Rick Blangiardi, we hope everyone gets out there to vote anyway! The great part about our Dilly Print Shop ohana is that we welcome anyone and everyone regardless of who they are supporting this election. We want everyone to feel welcomed in our facilities. After all, customer service is our top priority here! 


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Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Hawaii’s Best of the Best

We are happy to announce that our storage facility that is attached to the Dilly Print Shop placed in the top 3 for Hawaii’s Best of the Best! This is an annual contest across the islands and we are so happy that we placed 3rd this year for best storage facility. The first place award went to a chain that has 6 locations on the island. The second place award went to a facility with eleven locations on the island. We are so proud that our one locally-owned and operated placed third this year. 


The results were just released on Sunday, August 16. We have been successful in placing in this contest for a few years in a row and we are so happy about it! Thank you to everyone for voting for us and supporting the business. We love our tenants and it’s good to know that they love us, too. The Dilly Print Shop supports several customers with their storage units onsite. We know it’s helpful to have several services offered in one facility at one location! We also offer moving van rentals on site, Dilly Van Rentals


Check out our website at Dillingham Self Storage for more information on our storage units! 

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Print Shop for Local Business

Herman, a local artist, has been visiting our print shop for a while now. He typically comes in to print his artwork out in high quality with our machines. We love seeing his new work and are always excited for him to come in. Recently, he has been transitioning to produce more online art and digital work that can be sold online. Herman still stops in to print artwork to showcase his portfolio. Every time he comes in we get to see his new project and we love seeing how he is handling this transition to digital prints. Herman is one of the many local entrepreneurs that stop by our Dilly Print Shop for services. 

Local Business

Maybe one day he’ll have the next big art piece that people are looking for! We love seeing entrepreneurs and other local businesses stop by. During hard times like these, it’s uplifting to see people making the most out of it, and that is what Herman is doing. We love supporting him and cannot wait to see his next big art piece. We love you Herman! 

Print Shop and Other Services

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