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Specialty Paper Printing

The Dilly Print Shop carries “No Carbon Required” (NCR) paper which is a unique kind of coated paper meant to transfer information written on to the sheets beneath it. It can be helpful for scorecards and attendance records at educational institutions.

Athletic Rosters

Frank, a baseball coach, asked us to help make baseball rosters on this NCR paper. We helped him do the layout for it and prepared the rosters for him. He called later, asking if we could add players’ names to the list. Then, he needed to make adjustments to other names, adding and removing certain items. Then, we had to adjust the number of sheets for each set of rosters. Then, he asked if we could add the school logo to rosters and switch up the orientation of the sheets. He called us as the ideas were coming to him, and we were happy to help make it happen for him!

Layout Changes

He really liked the latest change and the final version of the rosters. We are sure that he’ll be calling with new ideas and changes, we get excited when he has new rosters to turn out because something is always changing! There are layout fees for preparing print layouts at the Dilly Print Shop and making edits to the layouts. But we’re happy to help, especially when printing on unique paper such as NCR paper.

dilly print shop

Jennifer’s Dilly Print Shop Experience

Jennifer stopped by our Dilly Print Shop with a thumb drive and her husband’s documents that were ready for printing. Her husband was working on assembling booklets for weeks and Jennifer commented on how relieved she was to be printing everything. We love it when people stay to talk story with us while doing their printing. We like getting to know our customers and their stories!

Recommending the Dilly Print Shop

Jennifer was emailing her friends, recommending our Dilly Print Shop to them while waiting for her documents to be done. She was so happy with how everything was coming out and the price she paid for it that she wanted to stay in the office with us! She was very satisfied with how the prints came out overall.

Happy Customers

In the next few days, her husband came in to make copies of other documents he needed. He even brought in his co-worker to print his documents as well. We love it when our happy and satisfied customers recommend us to their friends – it makes us happy, too!

Layout Printing Services

If you are in need of layout printing services, check out our blog post on that, too!

Dilly Print Shop

Quotes on Printing Services

We can provide quotes for printing services at the Dilly Print Shop. Generally we reply to emails within 24 to 48 hours, and can provide as much information to help you save time. It can be efficient for most people to correspond over email before visiting a print shop in-store. If you prefer to email us, attach your printing files to the email so we can give you accurate quotes! We are also available on the phone during our normal business hours for those who prefer to call in and get their questions answered. Our website also provides a form to request a quote online.

Cost of Printing Services

The cost of printing services can vary based on the project, size, amount of copies and paper quality. Customers can bring their own paper in to cut their costs while still using our printers. It can be helpful to know the cost ahead of time, which is why we encourage people to call and ask!

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Layout Services

The Dilly Print Shop has received several recent inquiries on our printing services in terms of banner and poster printing.  Several people have seen our reviews on Google or Yelp and contacted us with questions. We are available on email or phone, and respond within 24 hours!  We are happy to answer all your questions.

Printing Size Options

For those interested in our paper sizes offered, the smallest paper size option is a regular printer size 8.5×11”, and the next size up from that is tabloid size at 11×17”. The largest print we offer is 12×18”. We only stock the basic type of white printer paper, however customers can bring in their own paper to lower the cost.  We offer discounts for when customers choose to do this. However, those interested in this discount ought to call us first to make sure the paper they have is capable with our machine. It makes for a more efficient process, and saves time for all parties involved!

Layout Services

Also, for those who don’t have something ready to print right now, we can help adjust layouts for them.  However, there are layout charges, which are available on our website. That service is $75 an hour with a minimum charge of $25.  

Dilly Print Shop

Holiday Printing Services

The holidays bring in a high demand for printing cards, letters and invitations. Because of the rush of it all, it seems like most of the printing is done at the last minute or right before the event! The end of the year can be busy for many, and the weekends fill up fast with family events, shopping agendas and Santa events for the keiki.

Print Shop Open Saturdays

Geraldine called us on a Saturday needing to print cards. She needed them that day for her flight to LA the following day. So we asked her to come in with the necessary pictures and things to go inside the card. When she arrived, she realized she had forgotten to bring the picture and also left her phone at home! But we still took care of her! We have guest computers available in the lobby for our customers to use. She used our computers to pull up her email and got the photos to us. While we were working on the layout for the card, she mentioned that she typically goes to another print shop on Saturdays. However, that location recently closed their services on Saturdays. Geraldine found us on Yelp and saw that we are open on the weekends and even closer to home for her.

Holiday Cards

She was really happy with the final product and we’re glad we were able to help her out! She was very happy that she found us and loved the layout of her cards!

print shop

Dilly Print Shop Holiday Hours for 2018

Holidays for the Dilly Print Shop are around the corner. Our staff ‘ohana works very hard throughout the year and we all need a break. We would like to notify everyone that the print shop will be closed Nov 15 – Nov 23 and will reopen Nov 24. We ask for everyone to get their printing jobs and services done before then because we will not be available over email. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call. We have notified some of our regulars but would like everyone to know our holiday hours. Dilly Print Shop


Regular Dilly Print Shop Customers

We love our Dilly Print Shop customers that come in on a regular basis.  We develop customer service relations with them and can process their print jobs much faster because it’s usually the same request periodic request.  

Tenants That Do it All

We do weekly printing for Grace Bible Church.  They are one of our few storage tenants that use all three of our services.  They come into the print shop on a weekly basis and we do all of their bulletins and things for their church service.  They also use our storage vans!

Dilly Print Shop Value

Heather, a representative for the Church, stopped by for us to print some new cards.  She brought in her order and template and requested to print enough so that the total would come out to $60.  When she came in to pick up the finished print job, she was so happy with how it turned out! She admitted that for the same price, she got double the number of print copies compared to some of our competitors. And, the quality of the printing was more impressive!  Now, Heather always emails us for these print jobs. See you soon, Heather!

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The Print Shop is open on Saturday!

Pua was looking for a print shop that was open on a Saturday. She needed to print and laminate some documents for her son’s football game that Saturday afternoon. She was in a rush to get it done as the game was that day. The usual print shop she goes to is closed on Saturdays and so that’s how she found us on Google.

Printing for Football Season

Pua stopped by the dilly print shop that day and we were able to get her things printed and laminated in a short time. She was so happy with the final product and relieved that she had found us.

Football season is in full swing now and so Pua plans to stop by once a week for each game until the season is done. She even stopped by for us to do her business cards one week! Pua is a sweetheart and always stops to talk story with us every week. We’re happy she found us, see you next week, Pua!

Saturday Printing Hours

Saturday printing hours can be helpful for those who have weekend events and need some last minute printing services done. We’re open from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Dilly Print Shop

Print Shop Preserving Old Documents

The print shop prides itself in handling sensitive or fragile documents with care. If customers wish to make photo copies of aging documents, we can help you out.

Preserving for Future Generations

Russell called us earlier in the month asking for us to make copies of some of his genealogy binders. The binders were full with about 200 pages in each binder. They were very old documents and the pages in each folder were sticking together because of it. Old documents tend to do this, especially if exposed to heat, humidity or severe temperatures. Russell wanted us to make three copies of each binder so to preserve them before they disintegrated over time. He didn’t want to reach the point in time were the documents were ineligible because the material had fallen apart.

We gave him price quotes over the phone and and estimated completion date. He was happy with the projections and so he stopped in that same day to drop off the binders. He left no time to waste!

Thanks for Stopping By!

After we completed his requests, Russell came in to pick up the finished copies with his wife. She was very excited to have new copies of the binders before all the wording and text had faded to nothing! It can be so devastating when this happens, so we’re glad they came in before the binders reached that point!

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Friends of Dilly Print Shop

The dilly print shop has several mutual friends through our customers. It might just be the island lifestyle in action, but we learn of mutual friends when talking story with our customers! It’s a pleasant surprise when we learn of having mutual friends with the same customer.

Aunty Lani

Aunty Lani called the dilly print shop inquiring about printing programs for a close relative’s funeral. She had a few special requirements such as including the entire rosary prayer for her nieces and nephews. We communicated with Aunty Lani over the phone on most of her specifications and what she’s looking for. She called in several times to help assemble the layout over the phone.

Mutual Friends

When she finally visited us, we immediately took to calling her Aunty Lani! It was casual! Aunty Lani doesn’t have an email address, so she had to visit several times before we had the final layout ready to print. On her last visit, Aunty Lani brought in pastries for us as a thank you gift for helping her print the programs!

After talking story with her for a little while, we found out that she knew Father Victor – a loyal print client of ours! Aunty Lani loves Father Victor and she was pleasantly surprised to know that we print for him as well.