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Our Print Shop Customers Stick With Us

Our print shop customers love to stay in touch with us. We like it, too! We love when we can help them out, even if it’s been a while since we’ve seen them.

Doug with Hawaiian Island Shine

Doug with Hawaiian Island Shine had a storage unit with us for over a year. He recently moved out because he moved his business into a store front location. He was previously operating out of his storage unit with us but has moved on from us now! His business – Hawaiian Island Shine – offers auto detailing products – and it’s doing great so far! We’re so happy for him and his business. It’s really great to see our business customers succeed and grow. It makes us happy.

Printing for Doug

Since he’s moved out from our storage facility, he’s kept in touch with our print shop to do some printing for his business. He’s asked us to do some brochures and flyers for Hawaiian Island Shine and we are happy to do so! We usually communicate with him remotely and then have his print jobs ready for pickup. It’s faster for him.

Saving you Time

We know it can get busy when you’re running a business, so we try to make things as convenient for you as possible. For example, we’ll communicate with you over email and keep your card on file to help save you time. When you’re a business owner, time is important! 

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Print Shop has Fast Turnaround Time

The print shop is pretty fast at turnaround time for our print jobs. We’ve had customers email things the day of and we can get it out to them by the evening. We’ve even had partial orders placed and then the customer will add on more to the order the next day and we’re still able to organize it all into one print job.

Print Shop Work Samples

Jordanna called the print shop on Thursday afternoon inquiring about some funeral programs she needed. She wasn’t sure of what she wanted, or any specific layout. So, we invited her to stop by and check out some of our past print jobs to see if we could do anything similar for her. We hold onto past print jobs sometimes to show work samples to future customers.


After she got an idea of what she wanted, she planned to send us pictures, names and details by Friday so we could have the programs ready for pickup for the funeral on Saturday afternoon.

The Final Product

Once she sent everything to us we were able to compile it all into the layout she wanted. It was a simple program and a simple layout, so we were happy! We got all the documents from her Friday afternoon and had the programs ready for pickup by Saturday morning. Jordanna was really happy with the final product and happy that they were ready in time. We love making our print shop customers happy!

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Dilly Print Shop Meets Paul

The dilly print shop ohana can help you with formatting for your print jobs. For example, some of our print shop customers need help with formatting online documents that are limited with editing. We can help you with that.

Paul Visits the Dilly Print Shop

Paul visited us one day because he wanted to print some invitations. He only had evite invitations but he wanted to print a few and deliver them in person. We had to do a new layout with him other than the original evite PDF because of the special formatting. We were limited with copying and pasting because of the evite format, so we had to get creative.

He was understanding of the necessary layout and didn’t have a problem with waiting while we were drafting a sample. While he was hanging out in the lobby, he used the available computers to find some images to add to the invitations!

The Final Product

He loved the sample we brought out to him and was happy with the result. He even wanted us to add our dilly print shop logo to the back so that everyone who received an invitation would know of us! Thanks Paul for stopping by, it was nice to meet you!

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Printing Services for Ian with Pest Tech

We’ve taken care of the printing services for Ian with Pest Tech since 2016.  He’s been a loyal client and has been returning to us for all his business printing needs.  We’ll do invoices, announcements, and other documents. 

Ian would always send us emails of feels that he needed to be printed.  We’d have all the files in our email, and would prepare them for him for pick up.  So, we’d only see him when he’d come in to pick up documents. It was an efficient process for him.  

See you soon, Guy!

Since last year, Ian has had a representative come in, Guy, to let us know about their printing services needs.  Instead of emailing us documents, Guy will physically drop by to put requests in.  He’ll come in to drop off a copy of the original document and tells us the specifications, quantity, etc.  We’ve seen him a lot recently, especially on Saturdays.  We reminded him that he can email us instead of physically stopping by, to help save him time!  We’ve saved their past forms on file if they need to make future copies of the same document.  Guy said he prefers to hand them to us though, it lets him get out of the office for a little bit! 


Printing for Moto

Moto has been printing with us for quite some time now.  We’ve been printing his business cards for several years. Earlier this month he visited the shop to adjust his layout and get more cards printing. We’ll also print other things for him and his business.  Like we’ve said before, we love working for small business owners.  

Printing for Moto’s Scuba Shop

Moto owns a scuba shop, Sunshine Scuba.  However, he’s also a magician on the side!  He does private shows for parties and small groups.  Our recent print job for him were business cards to publicize his magician business!  

Catching up with Moto

He usually doesn’t stop by the shop until it’s time to pick up his completed print jobs.  He’s a busy person. He’ll typically just call or email us when he needs something to be done. But when he does come in, we love catching up and chatting with him!  His English isn’t superb but he’s very sweet and is patient with understanding us. The last time he visited the Dilly Print Shop, we all talked about how much we love country music!  


Printing for Bizgenics

The dilly print shop loves to print for local non profit organizations.  We’ll print flyers and announcements for local groups for their events. We’ll also print large documents or large quantities of necessary print jobs for them, we offer a wide variety of services at the dilly print shop.  

Printing for Bizgenics

Bizgenics is one of the many local non profits we do printing for.  Bizgenics Foundation aims to empower disadvantaged or low income youth in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or helping them start their own business.


A representative from Bizgenics, Brannon, contacted us back in November.  He asked for quotes and pricing for certain print jobs. We quickly replied to the email and he was happy with the offer. It was a swift turnaround time frame before we had his documents printing and he was picking them up a few days later!

Ready by the Next Day

Brannon and his team were very happy with the print quality and how quick we were to respond to him.  So, earlier this month,  he contacted us again to complete a larger print order for Bizgenics. They needed it to be ready by the next day.  They sent us the PDF attachments with the necessary quantities and print preferences.  


We had everything ready for Brannon by the next day. 

happy dilly print shop customer

We had a ping pong game of emails between each other because we needed to clarify some instructions with him.  So, we were on our toes with responding to Brandon in making sure we were printing the right things!  

Brannon was happy with the results and how quickly we were responding to him by email!  

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Print Shop for DMV Customers

Those coming from the DMV typically find our print shop to be the most convenient for them.  We have a lot of customers and clients in need of copying official documents and printing certain things for DMV forms and applications.  

Nearest Print Shop to the DMV

A new customer of ours, John, recently moved here from California.  He was at the DMV because he was about to receive his car in shipment from California.  He had been at the DMV since 9 in the morning and came to us around 2:45 in the afternoon.  John was in need of printing some documents for his DMV registration process.  


We felt so bad for him that he had practically been there all day and still wasn’t able to register his car correctly!  He didn’t seem as frustrated as we did for him!  

John is a Happy Camper

Since that day he’s been coming in every other day to print more documents for the DMV. He’s hoping to get his car in some time this week so he can start work soon!  John commented that we were so nice to him his first day at the DMV that he knew just where to go for his copy needs the next time!  

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We’re Open on Weekends

For a lot of our customers, the nearest print shop for them that’s open on weekends is our Dilly Print Shop! This is very convenient for customers because if you’ve got a last minute project and are still working out the details of your document, we’re open on weekends for you to get your documents printed.  

Lisa’s Programs

Lisa, a recent customer of ours, usually does all of her printing at Aiea Copy Center. However, they recently changed their hours and aren’t open on the weekends anymore.  Lisa was working on programs for an event on Saturday night but was still working through the agenda of the event on Friday.  She was in a bit of a panic to get everything printed by the time of the event.  


She found us on Yelp and called us Friday evening to ask if we could print the programs Saturday morning for her.  We were able to reassure her that we could!  

Ready to go Within 20 Minutes

Lisa came in early Saturday morning with all her documents and PDFs prepared.  She was ready to go.  She emailed us the documents and we had her all printed and ready to go within 20 minutes!  


Lisa was so relieved that she could get her print job done within such a short amount of time – and on the weekends!  It took her longer than she had initially expected to do the programs, so she was working late Friday night to get them ready to go.  She was also happy that she found us, because we’re the nearest print shop for her and much closer to home!  

dilly print shop

Dilly Print Shop for Pageants

The dilly print shop is proud to say that we have been doing the printing for two different beauty pageants in the past month! We’ve printed booklets for the Miss Philippines Hawaii and Miss Central Oahu & Miss Leeward.   

Miss Philippines Pageant

Ricky manages the print jobs for Phoenix Security but designs booklets for the Miss Philippines Hawaii pageant on the side. We were happy to print these booklets for him as the pageant is an annual scholarship event that’s a popular one in Hawaii!

Miss Central Oahu & Miss Leeward pageants

For the Miss Central Oahu & Miss Leeward pageants, Alvin (a coordinator for the pageants,) asked us to print booklets for him last year and returned to have us print the booklets for this year as well.

Dilly print shop for the Local Community

Pageants highlight the beauty of local communities, and they can be very fruitful for its’ participants as there are scholarships available for certain pageant winners. We’re happy to provide print services for the community with these events. 



Hiromi’s nearest print shop

For Hiromi at Aloha Tofu, we were the nearest print shop to her business.  We were a close option for her.  Hiromi recently started printing with us. 

“All of her documents done within 2 hours”

She came in one day with all of her documents saved in PDF form on her thumb drive.  We told her that we were able to print all of the documents.  She gave us some simple instructions on how to print her document like the color and quantity of each document.  After that we were able to get all of her documents done within 2 hours and she returned that afternoon to pick them up.  

When she returned, she brought another flash drive with more documents.  She was able to return the next morning to pick them up.  

“she’ll be returning to us again”

Hiromi was so happy with the proximity of our dilly print shop to her business around the corner and so she’ll be returning to us again in the near future!  Before leaving, she also commented on how reasonable our prices were for her printing needs.  Hiromi was overall very happy with the service she received here and will be returning to us again.  

See you soon, Hiromi!