Aloha service and quality turnaround time

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha-quality service, and that entails quick turnaround times, convenience and ease of access for our clients.

Lower Printing Rates

We offer lower printing rates if you bring in your own paper. We’ll also print your documents without customers having to physically visit the Dilly Print Shop. If a customer emails us a PDF or JPEG attachment with the printing job specifications, we’ll happily print them out for him or her. This makes it much more convenient for most of our customers and he or she would only have to stop by to pick up their completed order.  

How low?

Our printing rates are $.06 for black and white prints and $.029 for color. These rates are for regular paper, however we also do offer cardstock and glossy cardstock paper options, at higher rates. We offer several paper sizes: standard 8.5” x 11”, 8.5”x14”, 11”x17” and 12”x18”. The Dilly Print Shop also does specialty printing for items like programs, invitations, flyers, posters, business cards and 2,3&4 part NCR forms.

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha service and convenient services, so if you have a question about how we can help you, help us help you and stop on by!

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HCC students value Dilly

We’ve recently had students visiting from Hawaii Community College across the street visit the Dilly Print Shop. Our location on Dillingham boulevard is convenient for students. Students that need to print.

No lines

For example a student just a few weeks ago visited us to print for a class assignment. He visited again in the past two weeks to do some larger print jobs because all of the printers were occupied. It was easier for him to walk across the street and print with us than have to wait in line for a printer to open. At the time all of the printers at HCC were occupied and most students were waiting in long lines.

Quick n

He commented that it was more preferable for him to pay for the Dilly Print Shop than waiting in line. The wait time put the assignment getting printed at risk!  

Welcome students!

We’re quick, convenient and fast. Students stop on by!

“Big Ben”

Ben has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop for a while now. Ben is an events promoter known as “Big Ben Entertainment.” We print concert tickets and “all-access” passes. Recently we printed the itinerary for a Mother’s Day event, “ladies of the 80s.”  

Samantha, another Dilly Print client of ours, referred Big Ben to do their printing with us. Sam works closely with Ben and sometimes she is our point of contact. She’ll email files to us print for Big Ben. Typically Samantha will pick up the finished print jobs for Ben, in fact most of our staff at the Dilly Print Shop haven’t even seen Ben before! However for certain customers like Ben who are very busy, we keep his credit card information on file and charge for the printing once the order is picked up.

Sam has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop since ‘13 and referred Ben late last year. We only keep credit cards on file for a few printing businesses and Big Ben Entertainment is one of them. We know that work can get busy and hectic so we try to make it as convenient and simple as possible for these clients.     

Client spotlight: Manu

Manu is a printing customer that’s been printing with us since ‘13. Prior to seeing us he was a regular at Big Red Q Quick Print in Kalihi with their past owner, Sport. After they closed and Sport retired he came to the Dilly Print Shop.  

Manu is with the S.W.A.T. gun club in Waikiki. He typically brings in print jobs for them specifically and we’ll print target sheets, disclaimers or safety rules for him once every few months. Manu works closely with Sport because and usually he’ll call Sport himself with the necessary print jobs. Sport will order the prints and Manu will come to pick up with the check.

We’re lucky to have Manu visiting the Dilly Print Shop because he was a past customer of Sport’s, one of the few clients that followed Sport to the Dilly Print Shop. He’s a really nice guy and mostly quiet when he visits it. He’ll bring in 2 or 3 boxes filled with reams of paper, and we love to give him discounts for bringing in his own paper. Manu also benefits from a bulk print discount because of the large print jobs he does. We’re glad Manu likes the Dilly Print Shop and continues to visit us!

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“You guys are the best”

Francis has been a printing client with the Dilly Print Shop since ‘13. He used to be the owner of “Got Snacks Hawaii,” and was also a storage client. However, he recently sold the company but still comes in for printing on a weekly basis.

As a sales representative for GBC professional office products, he does all of that printing with us. He’ll usually email us the documents and come in later to pick them up, at whatever time is most convenient for him. He’ll also do some personal print jobs as he’s a member of Dignity Honolulu, for example recently he had some rsvp cards and fliers printed at the Dilly for an upcoming anniversary dinner. We usually call him when his printing is ready for pickup and have it ready for him at the counter.

“You guys are the best,” said Francis. He really likes the services we offer because we make it easy for him, and since he’s been a storage tenant with us in the past, he liked staying with the same management team. Francis is a loyal client and is never late for a payment, even once when our internet was down, he didn’t want to leave until he payed and our system was back up! Thanks, Francis!

Newbie Raynette

Raynette is a new customer of ours, she came in to the Dilly Print Shop recently for a print job. She was referred to us by her manager, Carlson, who has frequented the Dilly Print Shop in the past. Carlson really liked the results of his past print jobs, in specific the programs for his dad’s funeral, so he referred Raynette here.  

Raynette was also really happy with the results of her print job as well. She commented that she would definitely come back for all of her future print jobs. In fact she came in again for the second time the same week for another print job. She was told by Carlson that she would save money if she brought in her own paper, so she came in with her own paper and the document file on a flash drive. She went straight to the printers and printed a sample, and within 20 minutes she had her 200 prints completed.  

It’s been a week since the first time Raynette had printed with Dilly, and she’s been back twice for 3 different jobs!

Need an insurance card printed?

We’ve recently seen a growth in customers printing their insurance cards here at the Dilly Print Shop and that’s probably because CR Import Auto Repairs is nearby. We welcome all of our customers to drop by and print their insurance cards before heading to CR Import Auto Repairs. In fact, you can email your insurance card to and we’ll print it for you then you can stop by and pick it up. Dilly charges $1 but with tax it comes out to $1.05.

The Dilly Print Shop has been printing insurance cards for about a year but we’ve been doing it far more frequently in the past 6 months or so, at least one customer a day.

It won’t take long to print your card, customers are usually in the office for 2-3 minutes so long as they’ve got their card already in their email. The printing process itself is pretty fast, though.

So if you’re heading to CR Import Auto Repair, they’re going to ask for a copy of your insurance card and we can do that for you!

Sport is a real sport

We’ve got a big family here at the Dilly Print Shop. In addition to our staff, we also welcomed Sport, a sub-contractor printer for us in 2013.

Sport used to have his own print shop but then he retired so now he shares some of his long-term clients with us. We invited all of his old clients to come to the Dilly for their print jobs, another reason for how we’ve grown our family. Sport’s print machinery is right next to the Dilly’s and he has the same pricing as the Dilly Print Shop. He comes in quite frequently to service customer’s print jobs but we love his visits because he’s got such a friendly personality.

Sport is part-time retired but still helps out some of his old clients! We admire that kind of dedication.

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Ryan at the Hawaii Drone Academy

We recently made friends with Ryan, an instructor at the Hawaii Drone Academy. The Hawaii Drone Academy holds classes on how to fly, build and craft a drone. Ryan is an instructor at the Academy and teaches ground and flight training courses.

Ryan started using the Dilly Print Shop in May to print fliers and since then we’ve been doing all of his print jobs for him, from fliers to personal business cards to brochures and certificates. Prior to the Dilly, he did the printing on his own. When he picked up his first print job he remarked that the Dilly’s quality is so much nicer than doing it on his own.  

Ryan brings in his own paper to print certificates, we provide him a discount for bringing his own paper, and we encourage other customers to do the same! Aside from the certificates, he uses the Dilly Print Shop’s paper for all of his other printing tasks. He’ll usually send an email with a PDF attachment and we’ll print it for him so he doesn’t have to come in. He only has to make one trip here, and that’s to pick up the finished copies.

We’ve gotten to know Ryan over the past few months and we refer to him as “Sal” now, a shortcut for his last name “Salcido.” So far we’ve taken care of all the printing for the Hawaii Drone Academy, and are happy to continue doing so!

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Convenience is key!

We provide the fastest and most convenient service to our customers. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we can work with you. We want to make things as easy as possible for you. One of our frequent customers, Christal, is a great example.

Christal works for Eyesight Hawaii and has been doing printing for them through the Dilly Print Shop for the past two years. We’re close to her office, so she’s always visiting us with new print tasks. Because she visits so frequently, she leaves a few reams of paper with us so that whenever she has a new print job, she emails us the file and we can do it so much faster! We give her a discount for using her own paper. Whenever she’s low, we let her know and she’ll bring more in. She’ll typically email the files and we can print it much faster using her paper, ready for pickup within a few days. We’ve done this with a handful of our customers, it’s just so much easier and convenient for each of them!   

Convenience and timeliness are key values here at the Dilly Print Shop, and we make sure to uphold them with all of our customers and their print jobs.