Wedding invitations!

The Dilly Print Shop loves catering to its clients and customers. We like to make sure our customers’ needs and expectations are being met for all of their print jobs.

Last week we met Loreley and Joshua who are getting married in Puerto Rico very soon and came to us to print their wedding invitations. Loreley emailed the Dilly Print Shop a PDF file and we printed some samples for her. She loved the samples and decided to print her wedding invitations with us.

While she was visiting us to pick up her finished invitations we talked to her about her upcoming plans for the wedding and why they picked Puerto Rico. It was really nice talking to her and we found out that she was trying to do more for the invitations with some gold paper as a background. She was worried that cutting it herself with scissors would come out messy but we reassured her that we could help her out! We have a professional cutting machine that can do the job no problem and we’ll make sure her wedding invitations come out beautiful!

The Dilly Print Shop loves having these kind of customer interactions that help us to better serve you so make sure to say hi when you stop by!  

Print client spotlight: Jon’s KYM Bento

Bentos are one of Hawaii’s signature dishes, and we’re happy to provide printing services for one of our clients that owns a bento shop! Jon at KYM Bento has been a personal friend of ours for a long time.

Jon’s yummy bentos

Jon has two storage units at Dillingham Self Storage and has been a tenant since ‘10. Jon does plate lunch bentos and sushi but is also known for his catering services, too. His bentos are so yummy that even our staff has ordered from him! His portion sizes are pretty good for their price.

Jon’s printing services

As a client of ours, we do all of his printing services for him, specifically his menus and bento labels. He only prints twice a year with us but he typically does them in bulk orders so we give him a discount because of that. He’s been printing with us since ‘14. We love talking story with Jon when he comes by, the last time he was here we talked about the pokemon go game. At the Dilly Print Shop we really enjoy conversations with our clients and tenants.  

printer services

Go print or go home!

Big scale printing

The Dilly print shop is capable of doing large-scale print jobs for local companies. For example, one of our clients Blood Bank Hawaii, recently asked us to assemble binders for them. We’ve done this for them before, too. Last November we assembled 40 binders, each of about 500 pages, of their policies and guidelines. Each time they update their policies we update their binders!

Blood Bank Hawaii

In March they updated the binders and so we did the new printing and assembled new binders for them. Last week they asked us to do another update for them including new policies pertaining to the zika outbreak, so we’ll be putting together new binders for them in the near future!

Print + assembly

We also do big projects for other companies like Paradise Rental Car. We print their invoices which come in batches of 1000 to 2000 invoices. However, Blood Bank Hawaii is the first project where we’ve assembled everything for them (like the binders.) We do this for clients at an additional fee.

Print services with Ian

Ian with Pest Tech Control has recently discovered our print services at the Dilly Print Shop. Ian owns Pest Tech Control and came to us in March of this year.

He was searching for better rates since he was increasing the quantity of prints for his business. We gave him some samples of our print services in March and he’s been coming back ever since!

Ian has commented on the convenience factor that we offer because he emails us the attachments that he needs and all he has to do is pick it up from us when they’re hot and ready! The Dilly Print Shop closes at 6 pm which is great for him because after he gets off work at 5, he’ll stop by to pick up his print. We also allow others to pick up a print job for someone else (with the proper authorization,) so Ian usually uses that to his advantage. We make it easy for business owners to authorize their employees or assistants to do this because we know how busy it can get!

Dilly Print Shop’s friends

The Dilly Print Shop has made some friends over the years, especially with the addition of new clients brought over from Sport a few years ago. We blogged about Sport a while ago, he’s a sub-contractor Dilly who closed his print shop and brought over some of his clients to see us. Alicia’s Market is one of those clients.

Alicia’s Market has been in Kalihi for quite some time, they’ve got some of the best plate lunches and poke around. Their vision is to “to spread the culture of Hawaii to new markets with aloha,” and they do so by offering a variety of locally-inspired plates on their menu.They usually print 2,000 menus with us on an annual schedule and we look forward to seeing them.

to spread the culture of Hawaii to new markets with aloha

Alicia and her market are so well known in the community that her passing was broadcasted on local news. The Dilly Print Shop and its staff send our condolences to Alicia’s family. It’s sad to see such a respected individual in the community leave. 



The Dilly Print Shop offers the fastest and most convenient print services for all of our clients. We even make special exceptions for certain clients that are regulars. For example, we keep the credit card information on file to expedite that process. We only do this for 3 of our printshop customers. 

Bussaband Entertainment Group

Makeda with Bussaband Entertainment Group is an example of the exception. They first reached the Dilly Print Shop in November of last year in search for a new printing company to do their flyers, posters, tickets and passes for all of their events. We’ve been consistently servicing them every month since then. Their orders are printed in bulk so they pay a discounted rate.   

Efficient communication

We maintain all communication with Makeda through email. He’ll email us the documents and the quantity for them to be printed at. Typically they request cardstock that needs to be trimmed into special sizes so we do that for them at additional charges. We email them when their order is ready to be picked up and it’s hot and ready at the front desk for them!

Aloha service and quality turnaround time

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha-quality service, and that entails quick turnaround times, convenience and ease of access for our clients.

Lower Printing Rates

We offer lower printing rates if you bring in your own paper. We’ll also print your documents without customers having to physically visit the Dilly Print Shop. If a customer emails us a PDF or JPEG attachment with the printing job specifications, we’ll happily print them out for him or her. This makes it much more convenient for most of our customers and he or she would only have to stop by to pick up their completed order.  

How low?

Our printing rates are $.06 for black and white prints and $.029 for color. These rates are for regular paper, however we also do offer cardstock and glossy cardstock paper options, at higher rates. We offer several paper sizes: standard 8.5” x 11”, 8.5”x14”, 11”x17” and 12”x18”. The Dilly Print Shop also does specialty printing for items like programs, invitations, flyers, posters, business cards and 2,3&4 part NCR forms.

The Dilly Print Shop values aloha service and convenient services, so if you have a question about how we can help you, help us help you and stop on by!

dilly print shop

HCC students value Dilly

We’ve recently had students visiting from Hawaii Community College across the street visit the Dilly Print Shop. Our location on Dillingham boulevard is convenient for students. Students that need to print.

No lines

For example a student just a few weeks ago visited us to print for a class assignment. He visited again in the past two weeks to do some larger print jobs because all of the printers were occupied. It was easier for him to walk across the street and print with us than have to wait in line for a printer to open. At the time all of the printers at HCC were occupied and most students were waiting in long lines.

Quick n

He commented that it was more preferable for him to pay for the Dilly Print Shop than waiting in line. The wait time put the assignment getting printed at risk!  

Welcome students!

We’re quick, convenient and fast. Students stop on by!

“Big Ben”

Ben has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop for a while now. Ben is an events promoter known as “Big Ben Entertainment.” We print concert tickets and “all-access” passes. Recently we printed the itinerary for a Mother’s Day event, “ladies of the 80s.”  

Samantha, another Dilly Print client of ours, referred Big Ben to do their printing with us. Sam works closely with Ben and sometimes she is our point of contact. She’ll email files to us print for Big Ben. Typically Samantha will pick up the finished print jobs for Ben, in fact most of our staff at the Dilly Print Shop haven’t even seen Ben before! However for certain customers like Ben who are very busy, we keep his credit card information on file and charge for the printing once the order is picked up.

Sam has been printing with the Dilly Print Shop since ‘13 and referred Ben late last year. We only keep credit cards on file for a few printing businesses and Big Ben Entertainment is one of them. We know that work can get busy and hectic so we try to make it as convenient and simple as possible for these clients.     

Client spotlight: Manu

Manu is a printing customer that’s been printing with us since ‘13. Prior to seeing us he was a regular at Big Red Q Quick Print in Kalihi with their past owner, Sport. After they closed and Sport retired he came to the Dilly Print Shop.  

Manu is with the S.W.A.T. gun club in Waikiki. He typically brings in print jobs for them specifically and we’ll print target sheets, disclaimers or safety rules for him once every few months. Manu works closely with Sport because and usually he’ll call Sport himself with the necessary print jobs. Sport will order the prints and Manu will come to pick up with the check.

We’re lucky to have Manu visiting the Dilly Print Shop because he was a past customer of Sport’s, one of the few clients that followed Sport to the Dilly Print Shop. He’s a really nice guy and mostly quiet when he visits it. He’ll bring in 2 or 3 boxes filled with reams of paper, and we love to give him discounts for bringing in his own paper. Manu also benefits from a bulk print discount because of the large print jobs he does. We’re glad Manu likes the Dilly Print Shop and continues to visit us!