printing services

Convenience is key!

We provide the fastest and most convenient service to our customers. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we can work with you. We want to make things as easy as possible for you. One of our frequent customers, Christal, is a great example.

Christal works for Eyesight Hawaii and has been doing printing for them through the Dilly Print Shop for the past two years. We’re close to her office, so she’s always visiting us with new print tasks. Because she visits so frequently, she leaves a few reams of paper with us so that whenever she has a new print job, she emails us the file and we can do it so much faster! We give her a discount for using her own paper. Whenever she’s low, we let her know and she’ll bring more in. She’ll typically email the files and we can print it much faster using her paper, ready for pickup within a few days. We’ve done this with a handful of our customers, it’s just so much easier and convenient for each of them!   

Convenience and timeliness are key values here at the Dilly Print Shop, and we make sure to uphold them with all of our customers and their print jobs.