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Printing Services with Dani

The printing services offered at the Dilly Print Shop are high quality and efficient. We offer a quick turnaround. We like to offer as much information over the phone as we can, and are also quick to reply over email. The Dilly Print Shop encourages its customers to contact us to request information for price quotes and other printing services. 

Working with Dani

Dani called in to get price quotes for printing programs. She wanted information on our current paper stock, pricing charts, paper weight requirements and how quickly we could the print job turned around. We spoke with her over the phone about all of her concerns. Dani seemed pleased with our conversation as she mentioned how some print shops had quoted her incorrect information and were not as helpful over the phone. We worked with Dani to put a print plan into action and a potential layout for her programs. Dani brought in her files that same day to get some samples going and she was very pleased with the options we had for her. 

Providing Printing Services

Dani placed her order that same day! We got to work immediately and were able to turn around the print job on the same day. Although this is not always possible, we were happy to do it for Dani. Dani was also very patient to wait in the office until the order was complete. This is the kind of printing experience we want all of our customers to have at the Dilly Print Shop!

Give us a call if you are interested in our other services, like storage or truck rentals, at our Dillingham Self Storage facility.