Dilly Print Shop

Dilly does it again!

We love it when people write (nice) reviews for us, especially like the one that Samantha wrote for us a few weeks ago!

“All I can say is I LOVE DILLY PRINT SHOP!! Not only for their business services but for their character. Amazing team, amazing quality and amazing pricing,” said Samantha in her review.

Samantha is an events coordinator for local functions and visits us weekly to print fliers and posters for upcoming affairs. We also help her with printing VIP passes for local concerts. She’s been a regular here for about a year but has been to other print shops before joining our family. She’s such a friendly customer and always chatting with other people during her visit. Sam told us that she typically writes terse reviews for businesses but had so much to say for the Dilly Print Shop! Sam repeatedly used the word “awesome” in describing the print shop and admired how Nanette (our #1) is willing to get down and dirty to clean our Uhaul trucks. Samantha loves visiting the Dilly Print Shop so much that she’s referred her colleagues here as well!

Dillingham Storage offers referral discounts, both the tenant and new member will receive $50 off the next month’s rent.

In the words of Samantha, “CHECK THEM OUT!!!! You will not be disappointed ;-)!”