print shop

Dilly is meant for everyone!

We welcome everyone to The Dilly Print Shop, even if you’re not a tenant! In fact, it’s really easy for non-tenants to visit Dilly. We’re located in the same building as Dillingham Self Storage on the first floor.

It’s the same printing process and prices for both tenants and non-tenants. Most use our computers to print their email attachments, some come in with their file on a flash drive. Either way, we’ll be helping you with every step. We charge 6 cents a sheet for black and white and 29 cents a sheet for color. However, if a customer brings in his or her own paper, they will pay a discounted price of 4 cents per sheet for black and white and 25 cents per sheet for color. Our prices vary a little more though when a customer wants to print with a heavier paper.

Most customers walk into our office asking for the print shop and we want you to know that you’re in the right place! It may be a little confusing because a majority of our building is for Self Storage, but we’re also here for printing.