Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop and Vision Boards

The Dilly Print Shop has been busy this month with orders. We have seen an influx of requests for Christmas cards, Holiday newsletters and New Year family announcements. It’s so encouraging to see holiday newsletters going out this year compared to 2020. In 2020, no one had anything happy to announce. This year, that’s changed. People have announcements, invitations for family gatherings and new family members to introduce! With the upcoming graduation season in May 2022, kids are going to college on the mainland to attend in-person classes. It’s exciting to see things up and moving again. 

Dilly Print Shop and Creative Requests

We have also had some creative requests for printing. One customer is printing images for a vision board for 2022. Vision boards are very similar to “inspiration boards” that are collages of goals, aspirations and resolutions. It presents these goals in a creative and visual manner, and we love it. We like seeing creative requests like these. It’s nice to see people setting goals for the new year. Now that most of us are vaccinated, travel goals are more realistic. It’s fun to see international destinations on people’s vision boards for the new year. 


Dilly Print Shop also offers other services on property, like van rentals and storage units