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Dilly Print Shop for Honolulu Artists

The Dilly Print Shop loves working with local artists. We have collaborated with artists before in helping them bring their art to life. In the past, we have printed the work of photographers on a variety of paper layouts. We really leave it up to the artist to dictate how they want to exhibit their work. At the end of the day, it’s their masterpieces – we just help them bring it to life! Typically, artists approach us with their work and we help the layout and formatting process when it comes to printing. Most artists bring in their work after it’s been converted to a digital format. We help with the next step of printing, helping them choose the print material, size and layout.  

Dilly Print Shop for Michael’s Artistry

We recently worked with Michael, an artist with a love for Taylor Swift. Michael specializes in all kinds of canvas paintings of Taylor Swift. He has gone through the process of getting his canvases digitally scanned so we can print them on paper. Michael’s next goal is to sell his work to other Taylor Swift fans. He is incredibly talented – we were all blown away when we saw his artistry! We recommend following him on TikTok @artsbymikey. For all of the Taylor Swift fans out there, you’ll love his work!

Dilly Print Shop


We also offer other services on property, such as storage and van rentals.