Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop: Help Us Help You

Printing at the Dilly Print Shop is always fast and convenient. We have a few tips for our customers to help us help you speed up the process. 

Consolidate Files

First, we ask that the PDF files to be printed be sent to us directly in one email at print@dillyprintshop.com. It’s much easier to manage all of the files if they are contained in one single email. It also helps us to provide you with accurate estimates of the printing cost. 

Detailed Instructions

Second, we ask that detailed instructions be included in the email with the PDF files. This helps us to deliver the best services so we know exactly what you want. By knowing this information up front, we can typically carry out services more efficiently and also give you a faster turnaround time. This also helps with providing the cost quotes.  

Dilly Print Shop

These processes helps prevent downtime for the customer. By having the documents prepared prior to your arrival, it makes it much easier for all parties involved. There are some customers who we coordinate with solely over email and they only visit the physical storefront to pick up the finished product! We are also quick to answer the phone and reply to emails so we can speed up communications. 


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