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Dilly Print Shop Layout Services

The Dilly Print Shop has received several recent inquiries on our printing services in terms of banner and poster printing.  Several people have seen our reviews on Google or Yelp and contacted us with questions. We are available on email or phone, and respond within 24 hours!  We are happy to answer all your questions.

Printing Size Options

For those interested in our paper sizes offered, the smallest paper size option is a regular printer size 8.5×11”, and the next size up from that is tabloid size at 11×17”. The largest print we offer is 12×18”. We only stock the basic type of white printer paper, however customers can bring in their own paper to lower the cost.  We offer discounts for when customers choose to do this. However, those interested in this discount ought to call us first to make sure the paper they have is capable with our machine. It makes for a more efficient process, and saves time for all parties involved!

Layout Services

Also, for those who don’t have something ready to print right now, we can help adjust layouts for them.  However, there are layout charges, which are available on our website. That service is $75 an hour with a minimum charge of $25.