Dilly Print Shop

Friends of Dilly Print Shop

The dilly print shop has several mutual friends through our customers. It might just be the island lifestyle in action, but we learn of mutual friends when talking story with our customers! It’s a pleasant surprise when we learn of having mutual friends with the same customer.

Aunty Lani

Aunty Lani called the dilly print shop inquiring about printing programs for a close relative’s funeral. She had a few special requirements such as including the entire rosary prayer for her nieces and nephews. We communicated with Aunty Lani over the phone on most of her specifications and what she’s looking for. She called in several times to help assemble the layout over the phone.

Mutual Friends

When she finally visited us, we immediately took to calling her Aunty Lani! It was casual! Aunty Lani doesn’t have an email address, so she had to visit several times before we had the final layout ready to print. On her last visit, Aunty Lani brought in pastries for us as a thank you gift for helping her print the programs!

After talking story with her for a little while, we found out that she knew Father Victor – a loyal print client of ours! Aunty Lani loves Father Victor and she was pleasantly surprised to know that we print for him as well.