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Dilly Print Shop Printing for Organizations

The Dilly Print Shop loves printing for local organizations. We work with small businesses, local nonprofits, bureaucratic committees and even some large private entities. We deliver a wide variety of work, including posters, banners, small fliers, invitations and more. We also offer layout services for an additional fee. Organizations also have new print orders for events and gatherings. We love working with both public and private entities to help deliver on their printing needs! The Dilly Print Shop ohana enjoys seeing all of the upcoming local events. 

Dilly Print Shop for the Filipino Chamber of Commerce

Recently, we laid out and printed an announcement for the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. The announcement established the new President for the organization. This group is a great networking resource for young professionals. We have been working with Susie at this organization to coordinate the printing. One of the things we love about printing for these kinds of organizations is being in the know of new developments – such as a new president or committee members. The print shop ohana enjoys collaborating with local organizations that are working to better the community – such as the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. 

Dilly Print Shop


We also offer other services on property, such as storage and van rentals.