Dilly Print Shop

Go print or go home!

Big scale printing

The Dilly print shop is capable of doing large-scale print jobs for local companies. For example, one of our clients Blood Bank Hawaii, recently asked us to assemble binders for them. We’ve done this for them before, too. Last November we assembled 40 binders, each of about 500 pages, of their policies and guidelines. Each time they update their policies we update their binders!

Blood Bank Hawaii

In March they updated the binders and so we did the new printing and assembled new binders for them. Last week they asked us to do another update for them including new policies pertaining to the zika outbreak, so we’ll be putting together new binders for them in the near future!

Print + assembly

We also do big projects for other companies like Paradise Rental Car. We print their invoices which come in batches of 1000 to 2000 invoices. However, Blood Bank Hawaii is the first project where we’ve assembled everything for them (like the binders.) We do this for clients at an additional fee.