Hiromi’s nearest print shop

For Hiromi at Aloha Tofu, we were the nearest print shop to her business.  We were a close option for her.  Hiromi recently started printing with us. 

“All of her documents done within 2 hours”

She came in one day with all of her documents saved in PDF form on her thumb drive.  We told her that we were able to print all of the documents.  She gave us some simple instructions on how to print her document like the color and quantity of each document.  After that we were able to get all of her documents done within 2 hours and she returned that afternoon to pick them up.  

When she returned, she brought another flash drive with more documents.  She was able to return the next morning to pick them up.  

“she’ll be returning to us again”

Hiromi was so happy with the proximity of our dilly print shop to her business around the corner and so she’ll be returning to us again in the near future!  Before leaving, she also commented on how reasonable our prices were for her printing needs.  Hiromi was overall very happy with the service she received here and will be returning to us again.  

See you soon, Hiromi!