Newbie Raynette

Raynette is a new customer of ours, she came in to the Dilly Print Shop recently for a print job. She was referred to us by her manager, Carlson, who has frequented the Dilly Print Shop in the past. Carlson really liked the results of his past print jobs, in specific the programs for his dad’s funeral, so he referred Raynette here.  

Raynette was also really happy with the results of her print job as well. She commented that she would definitely come back for all of her future print jobs. In fact she came in again for the second time the same week for another print job. She was told by Carlson that she would save money if she brought in her own paper, so she came in with her own paper and the document file on a flash drive. She went straight to the printers and printed a sample, and within 20 minutes she had her 200 prints completed.  

It’s been a week since the first time Raynette had printed with Dilly, and she’s been back twice for 3 different jobs!