Bring your own paper

Print services on custom or special paper for invitations or newsletters and such can get pretty expensive and pricey. We know because we set the prices. However, we encourage all of our customers to bring their own paper and we’ll give you a discount! Office Depot is nearby and has really fun colors and prints available. These come in handy for invitations and newsletters. They also recently started carrying some new collections that come in 250/pack. Our staff has gotten some as well and we like it. By doing this, you can take your time in picking out a wider variety of colors and designs for paper. If you want sparkles in your paper, Office Depot probably has sparkles for your paper.

Saving money on print services

The Dilly Print Shop will charge you less for bringing your own paper so you get to save money and also get the paper you want, it’s a great win-win for our customers! Keep in mind that the heaviest you can print with us is 110 lb. paper so make sure to abide by this limit and you’ll be good when purchasing your own paper.

This is an easy way to help our customers cut costs for our print services and get them what they want at the same time!