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Print Services at Dilly Print Shop

The Dilly Print Shop loves to offer print services for customized calendars. We love to see all of the new year calendars in December! There are so many unique designs for family calendars. Customers put amazing effort into designing calendars, and we are here for it all! Customers love printing customized calendars. They make for great family gifts during the holidays. They are incredibly useful and thoughtful!

Calendar Print Services

Peter has been utilizing our print services since 2018. He is a long time loyal customer. He prints his family calendars with us at the Dilly Print Shop. We love seeing his new calendar designs every year. This year he brought 2023 calendars for printing. Peter was looking forward to visiting us and sending out the new calendars. He always brings two calendar files, one for the American calendar and one for the Swiss calendar. His designs are so creative. He sends customized calendars to family and friends throughout the U.S. and Switzerland. We love working with Peter! We have grown to know Peter so well that we expect him to walk in our front doors every December to print his calendars. 

Dilly Print Shop

We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.