Print services with Ian

Ian with Pest Tech Control has recently discovered our print services at the Dilly Print Shop. Ian owns Pest Tech Control and came to us in March of this year.

He was searching for better rates since he was increasing the quantity of prints for his business. We gave him some samples of our print services in March and he’s been coming back ever since!

Ian has commented on the convenience factor that we offer because he emails us the attachments that he needs and all he has to do is pick it up from us when they’re hot and ready! The Dilly Print Shop closes at 6 pm which is great for him because after he gets off work at 5, he’ll stop by to pick up his print. We also allow others to pick up a print job for someone else (with the proper authorization,) so Ian usually uses that to his advantage. We make it easy for business owners to authorize their employees or assistants to do this because we know how busy it can get!