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Print Shop Layout Services

Our print shop offers a variety of services, from general printing to layouts and design work. We are quick to reply via email and can offer clients a short turnaround time. Although we offer competitive pricing, we are unable to offer the same price breaks that other print shops could provide for very large orders. We recommend that customers check with other businesses that primarily operate as print shops. Our primary business is storage unit services, and because of that, we are not able to offer the same price break levels and discounts for very large print orders. The print shop is a secondary service to our storage unit services. However, we can still offer high quality print services to all customers. We just are not able to provide significant price breaks for those in demand of high volume print orders. The high volume print orders we have done for previous clients included printing for concerts, restaurant menus,  

Print Shop Recommendations

However, we refer clients to other businesses for these cases. Here are some other print shops that we recommend: 

Professional Image

Aiea Copy Center

Office Depot Dillingham

We prioritize our clients and we are confident in referring customers to other print shops if we are unable to offer them their desired product or service. We are also transparent with our pricing structure and want our clients to have the best experience. Therefore, if we are unable to stay in your budget, we still want to fill your printing needs and can recommend you to another business.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.