print shop

Print Shop for Pageant Printing

The print shop does printing for special events that require booklets, laminated items and unique projects. We offer layout services for a fee and are happy to work with project coordinators to get your vision on paper. We have done printing for several large scale events, like music concerts and even search parties for missing persons.

Print Shop for Pageants

The print shop was prepared to print booklets for the 2020 Ms. Asia Hawaii pageant. Unfortunately, that event was cancelled due to the pandemic. It was rescheduled for 2021 and we were so happy to print the fliers and booklets for it! There are also pageant events scheduled for December this year that we are planned to print for. We are looking forward to working with these events who have been waiting for so long! This year was the first year for the pageant since lockdown. We worked with executive director and producer, Ricky and Vilma, to do all of the printing for the event. It is exciting to see events come back to life after being on hold for so long, we look forward to the pageant events!


We also offer other services on property, like the Dilly Van Rentals and Dillingham Self Storage.