Print Shop Customer Referrals

Some of our best and most loyal print customers have been from a customer referral through a friend. A local business that we print invoices for had a partner that was interested in our templates. They told her to check us out! Brandy contacted us asking about our invoice printing and print rates. We were happy to offer a list of services and their specified rates, and some of our previous work. 

Happy Print Shop Customer Referrals

Brandy was happy with what she saw and decided to move forward on printing with us for her company. She put in an order for 2-part NCR full wrap invoice booklets. These are popular among our business customers and we’re happy to work with them to make sure they are happy with their order. Brandy walked away as a happy customer with her new prints, and we’re glad her business friends referred her to our Dilly Print Shop for this. See you next time, Brandy! 

If you are interested in our other services like our Dilly Van Rentals or storage units, check them out! We have some customers that utilize all three of our services and love how it’s all located in one location. You can get all your storage, van rental and printing needs done in one stop!