dilly print shop

HCC students value Dilly

We’ve recently had students visiting from Hawaii Community College across the street visit the Dilly Print Shop. Our location on Dillingham boulevard is convenient for students. Students that need to print.

No lines

For example a student just a few weeks ago visited us to print for a class assignment. He visited again in the past two weeks to do some larger print jobs because all of the printers were occupied. It was easier for him to walk across the street and print with us than have to wait in line for a printer to open. At the time all of the printers at HCC were occupied and most students were waiting in long lines.

Quick n

He commented that it was more preferable for him to pay for the Dilly Print Shop than waiting in line. The wait time put the assignment getting printed at risk!  

Welcome students!

We’re quick, convenient and fast. Students stop on by!