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Liane loves our printing services

Liane is a great example of someone who loved the high-quality of our printing services and decided to come back for more! She visited us just a week ago to get copies of a bunch of different things for her mom’s 90th birthday party this coming Sunday. Before coming to us she actually visited another place (that we won’t name,) who charged her a very high price for just copying.

Liane’s printing services

That same day Liane called for our printing rates and stopped by with her own supply of paper, ready and happy to start printing. After that, Liane stopped by an additional 3 times because she was so happy with the printing quality. Liane considered her mom’s birthday party a very high priority in her life, given that her mom was turning 90 years old. After helping her make copies she brought us a cute little gift bag to say thank you and told us that she would easily and highly recommend us to everyone she knows for any and all printing services!