Dilly Print Shop

Printing Services for Restaurants

Kabuki Restaurant in Waimalu found our printing services to be of assistance during this time as they transition to open their dine-in restaurant. Although they have only been open for take-out, they are eager to get back to offering dine-in service and we are happy to help! Kabuki requested printing a few thousand sheets of their restaurant menus. We are happy to help them in this unknown time for local businesses and we are eager for them to open as well! 

New COVID Guidelines for Businesses

Dine-in services are adjusting now according to new COVID operating guidelines. With new restrictions in place, businesses like us are changing procedures to maintain a high standard health and safety in our place of work. We understand the need for change and we are happy to facilitate it if that’s what it takes to keep our Dilly Print Shop safe. 

Kabuki Printing Services

We were able to communicate with Kabuki about the prints they needed and how we could deliver these prints to them in a safe way. We are so happy they were able to work with us and were accommodating of our new policies in the office. 


If you are curious how our other divisions, such as storage units, are responding to the pandemic, check out our other blog post on this.