Printing with Brook

We love chatting with our tenants, especially ones like Brook! Brook is such a sweet, outgoing person that stays to talk story with our Dillingham family with each visit. She’s always in a good mood and we love chatting with her about new happenings!

Brook has been a tenant since 2011, leasing a storage unit with us since then and also visiting our print shop every month.

As a Hawaiian artist, illustrator and historian, she uses our print shop to print artwork on postcard-sized fliers. We let her bring her own paper in and give her a discount for it. She’ll typically leave her flash drive with us and we take care of the rest! Each postcard has the history of a Hawaiian king or queen with an image of them and we make sure we give her the best image quality for each of them. She also prints the history of certain hula dances on some. She lectures at Native Hawaiian events in the Waikiki area and uses her printings at her lectures.

Brook has visited other places for printing but Dillingham is a one-stop shop for all of her needs, including storage.