printing services

Eddy’s wedding programs

For some of our customers, their primary criteria in searching for print shops is for a print shop nearby. That was Eddy’s primary criteria. Eddy discovered us through yelp and sent us an email requesting a quote for some print jobs that he needed. He was planning on using his own stock of linen paper and wanted us to print on it. We responded to his email and answered his questions and he came into the Dilly soon after. We recognized his name and immediately knew what he wanted and the quantity of each attachment he sent us.

Eddy was interested in printing some wedding programs, menus and weekend itineraries for his guests. The wedding was the following week. We were talking story with him after we were done with printing and he commented that he was searching for a print shop nearby that offered everything he wanted at a reasonable price, and that he was glad he found us. He was especially happy that we answered all of his questions via email, making his search for a print shop much easier. Eddy said he would definitely come back if him and his new wife needed anything done in the future!