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Ryan at the Hawaii Drone Academy

We recently made friends with Ryan, an instructor at the Hawaii Drone Academy. The Hawaii Drone Academy holds classes on how to fly, build and craft a drone. Ryan is an instructor at the Academy and teaches ground and flight training courses.

Ryan started using the Dilly Print Shop in May to print fliers and since then we’ve been doing all of his print jobs for him, from fliers to personal business cards to brochures and certificates. Prior to the Dilly, he did the printing on his own. When he picked up his first print job he remarked that the Dilly’s quality is so much nicer than doing it on his own.  

Ryan brings in his own paper to print certificates, we provide him a discount for bringing his own paper, and we encourage other customers to do the same! Aside from the certificates, he uses the Dilly Print Shop’s paper for all of his other printing tasks. He’ll usually send an email with a PDF attachment and we’ll print it for him so he doesn’t have to come in. He only has to make one trip here, and that’s to pick up the finished copies.

We’ve gotten to know Ryan over the past few months and we refer to him as “Sal” now, a shortcut for his last name “Salcido.” So far we’ve taken care of all the printing for the Hawaii Drone Academy, and are happy to continue doing so!