Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Traffic Changes

Dillingham Blvd. Construction

Dilly Print Shop will see some upcoming changes, particularly along Dillingham Blvd. We have been in communication with the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) regarding the construction for the rail project. The project will affect traffic flows especially in front of our building. The new changes mean that Dillingham Blvd. will operate with one traffic lane in each direction beginning next month and will be ongoing until year 2026. We know this is a long time, and we really appreciate your patience with this new traffic layout. 

Dilly Print Shop

Accessing Dilly Print Shop

As a result of these changes, left turns will be restricted for cars traveling both in and out of our driveways. Access will never be completely restricted. However, it may be restricted to just one driveway. Regardless, there will be clear signage to indicate the open driveways and where to exit. We recognize that this will cause some inconvenience for our customers and we profusely apologize for this. However, we are determined to make this information as transparent and clear as possible for tenants and customers. If you have any questions regarding the rail project, the 24-hour project line is 808-566-2299. 

We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and van rentals.