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Dilly Print Shop Photo Printing

The Dilly Print Shop is known for our fast turnaround and high quality print services! We find many customers that discover our print shop through Yelp or other review forums. Because we are centrally located on the island, it’s convenient for most! 

Harry’s Photograph Printing

Harry found us on Yelp and came in on a Saturday. He had some family photographs that he wanted printed to display in his home. Printing photos at home can be costly with printer ink and may not come out in high quality due to the paper type. For example, regular printer paper does not offer a high gloss finish that would enhance the quality of regular photos. Sometimes, regular paper can distort photos if printing at home with an average printer. It can be best to stop by a print shop and save on ink, and print in high quality! 

Quality Dilly Print Shop Services

Harry was so happy with the print samples we produced that he ordered all of his photos to be printed while he shopped for frames in the afternoon! When his completed orders were ready, he came back with more pictures to print! Harry was so excited to get these pictures in the frames and display them in his home, especially with these high quality prints! We love happy customers at the Dilly Print Shop. 


We also offer other services, such as storage and truck rentals, all on the same property!

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Regulars: Maureen

Maureen was searching for our Dilly Print Shop one day when she found us online. She read up on our Yelp reviews and investigated our website and she was happy with what she found! She was certain she wanted us to do her print jobs for her! Without hesitation or calling, she stopped by with a thumb drive. Maureen was determined to get her printing errands done, and we are so happy she came to us.

Dilly Print Shop for Maureen

She did not need much printing, just a few things. She was so happy with the final product and how it all turned out. The final cost was also much lower than what she expected! We are known for our high quality services with our low cost pricing, and we love seeing how surprised people are when they see the final bill after printing with us! Maureen even told us that she would come back and put in her next big order! Looks like we have a new one to add to the Dilly Print Shop Regulars! The shop will see you next time, Maureen.


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Dilly Print Shop

Kristen at Dilly Print Shop

The Dilly Print Shop has grown in popularity over the years and we’re really happy about it. Some of our Yelp reviews have been outstanding from happy, satisfied customers. We’re happy to help people with their printing services, especially if they need help with formatting or layout plans. 

Regular Dilly Print Shop Customers

Kristen found us on Yelp a little while ago and has been needing more printing services recently. We are so happy she found us. She has grown into one of our regular print shop customers for all of her business print jobs, and we’re so stoked about it! Every time Kristen comes in to pick up her order, she always makes time to talk story with us and share reviews of new eateries and restaurants everywhere! We like talking story and catching up with our clients, it makes us feel like a real ‘ohana. It’s one of our best qualities, and it’s how we deliver the best customer service to everyone who walks into our door. Getting to know people is our specialty! 


We also have regular customers for our storage division. If you would like to see some of our posts about regular storage customers, check out our Dillingham Self Storage site!

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Wins Yelp Award

People love the Dilly Print Shop on Yelp! Last year, Yelp gave us a certificate for our excellent customer reviews. We just received another certificate earlier this month from Yelp for our 2019 reviews. 

Great Yelp Reviews

We are so happy and thankful that people love our storage family and want to write nice reviews for us on Yelp. It helps new tenants when deciding which storage facility to trust in the process. We are so happy when we read through the Yelp and Google reviews of our happy customers, it makes us happy too! We want our tenants to feel safe and secure knowing their belongings are stored with us. We also hope that if there are concerns about our storage services that tenants would feel comfortable coming forward and bringing it to our attention. We strive to provide the best services. We welcome all positive feedback, even the criticisms and concerns!

Give the Dilly Print Shop a Review

Feel free to leave Dilly Print Shop Yelp reviews for us. We love hearing your feedback and seeing it online. Yelp is a great way to review some of your favorite businesses that you visit. For those of you unaware of Yelp, it is an efficient way to get a real customer’s perspective of services and products offered at a store or business. It’s a great way to get business referrals and check out a place before you visit!

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Printing Shop Customer Satisfaction

Harvey stopped by our printing shop looking to replicate a tag template he had and do the necessary printing and cutting. Of course this is something we can do, no problem! The order was complete and ready for pick up within the next few days. When he came in to pick up, he was very impressed with how quickly it was completed. And it turned out great! 

Print Services are High Quality

Harvey was happy and satisfied with the final product and mentioned he would return soon for when his company needed more printing. He was happy with the timeliness, service and killer prices! We are happy when our customers are happy. See you soon, Harvey! 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We like keeping our people happy, it’s important to us. Like with Harvey, he was happy with our fast turnaround and quality of the final product. We aim for this kind of customer satisfaction with each customer that walks through our doors!

Like with our printing shop, we also have happy customers with our other services like our Dillingham Self Storage units and Dilly Van Rentals. If you are in need of storage units or truck rentals, check out those sites for more information. We have great customer reviews for those services as well. 

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Meets Sue

The Dilly Print Shop can help your business grow with professional business cards. Business cards are key to closing with new clients and assuring that your information gets to them directly. It is also crucial to have properly formatted business cards with the important information in the right places.

Professional Printing

We helped Sue print her first batch of business cards. She came back a few weeks later because she needed more of them. Sue had called a few other print shops in her search process that were closer to home. She was not happy with the poor customer service over the phone and decided to come back to us. She prioritizes customer service, and so do we! She had to recover her old files so that she could re-print the same business cards, but she was glad she did. Sue was very happy with how her business cards came out and satisfied with the overall result.  We’re happy to help, Sue.

See you Soon, Sue!

Sue is a makeup artist and offered to do makeovers on us because we were so helpful. We love having interactions like these with our loyal customers! And we’re always a supporter of local business here in the islands!

Dilly Print Shop and Other Business Services

We have many local business customers that utilize our storage units, or even our van rentals. We offer these other two services in addition to our Dilly Print Shop.

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Open Saturdays

Our Dilly Print Shop gets pretty busy on Saturdays. People are coming in to print fliers and anything and everything they need on their days off. We know that’s when most people do their errands, on the weekends, so we expect big crowds on the weekends.  We also know that most other print shops are closed on the weekends.

Open Saturdays, Busy Saturdays

We are open on Saturdays, every Saturday!  We are closed on Sundays, which is why our Saturdays get pretty busy at the dilly print shop.  Here are some tips to be efficient when you come in.

Tips to Get the Job Done Fast

  1. Come in with your documents ready to print, with minimal to no changes. These print customers are usually in and out the fastest.  They are ready to go.
  2. Bring your document as a PDF and word file, on a flash drive.  Also, email the file to yourself just as a secondary measure. We also recommend this to our print shop customers.
  3. Come in early.  The early bird gets the worm!

These are just some of our tips to help you get your printing done quickly. We know weekends get busy pretty quickly, so we want to make this as easy as possible!

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Specialty Paper Printing

The Dilly Print Shop carries “No Carbon Required” (NCR) paper which is a unique kind of coated paper meant to transfer information written on to the sheets beneath it. It can be helpful for scorecards and attendance records at educational institutions.

Athletic Rosters

Frank, a baseball coach, asked us to help make baseball rosters on this NCR paper. We helped him do the layout for it and prepared the rosters for him. He called later, asking if we could add players’ names to the list. Then, he needed to make adjustments to other names, adding and removing certain items. Then, we had to adjust the number of sheets for each set of rosters. Then, he asked if we could add the school logo to rosters and switch up the orientation of the sheets. He called us as the ideas were coming to him, and we were happy to help make it happen for him!

Layout Changes

He really liked the latest change and the final version of the rosters. We are sure that he’ll be calling with new ideas and changes, we get excited when he has new rosters to turn out because something is always changing! There are layout fees for preparing print layouts at the Dilly Print Shop and making edits to the layouts. But we’re happy to help, especially when printing on unique paper such as NCR paper.

dilly print shop

Jennifer’s Dilly Print Shop Experience

Jennifer stopped by our Dilly Print Shop with a thumb drive and her husband’s documents that were ready for printing. Her husband was working on assembling booklets for weeks and Jennifer commented on how relieved she was to be printing everything. We love it when people stay to talk story with us while doing their printing. We like getting to know our customers and their stories!

Recommending the Dilly Print Shop

Jennifer was emailing her friends, recommending our Dilly Print Shop to them while waiting for her documents to be done. She was so happy with how everything was coming out and the price she paid for it that she wanted to stay in the office with us! She was very satisfied with how the prints came out overall.

Happy Customers

In the next few days, her husband came in to make copies of other documents he needed. He even brought in his co-worker to print his documents as well. We love it when our happy and satisfied customers recommend us to their friends – it makes us happy, too!

Layout Printing Services

If you are in need of layout printing services, check out our blog post on that, too!

printer services

Dilly Print Shop Layout Services

The Dilly Print Shop has received several recent inquiries on our printing services in terms of banner and poster printing.  Several people have seen our reviews on Google or Yelp and contacted us with questions. We are available on email or phone, and respond within 24 hours!  We are happy to answer all your questions.

Printing Size Options

For those interested in our paper sizes offered, the smallest paper size option is a regular printer size 8.5×11”, and the next size up from that is tabloid size at 11×17”. The largest print we offer is 12×18”. We only stock the basic type of white printer paper, however customers can bring in their own paper to lower the cost.  We offer discounts for when customers choose to do this. However, those interested in this discount ought to call us first to make sure the paper they have is capable with our machine. It makes for a more efficient process, and saves time for all parties involved!

Layout Services

Also, for those who don’t have something ready to print right now, we can help adjust layouts for them.  However, there are layout charges, which are available on our website. That service is $75 an hour with a minimum charge of $25.