Dilly Print Shop

We’re Open on Weekends

For a lot of our customers, the nearest print shop for them that’s open on weekends is our Dilly Print Shop! This is very convenient for customers because if you’ve got a last minute project and are still working out the details of your document, we’re open on weekends for you to get your documents printed.  

Lisa’s Programs

Lisa, a recent customer of ours, usually does all of her printing at Aiea Copy Center. However, they recently changed their hours and aren’t open on the weekends anymore.  Lisa was working on programs for an event on Saturday night but was still working through the agenda of the event on Friday.  She was in a bit of a panic to get everything printed by the time of the event.  


She found us on Yelp and called us Friday evening to ask if we could print the programs Saturday morning for her.  We were able to reassure her that we could!  

Ready to go Within 20 Minutes

Lisa came in early Saturday morning with all her documents and PDFs prepared.  She was ready to go.  She emailed us the documents and we had her all printed and ready to go within 20 minutes!  


Lisa was so relieved that she could get her print job done within such a short amount of time – and on the weekends!  It took her longer than she had initially expected to do the programs, so she was working late Friday night to get them ready to go.  She was also happy that she found us, because we’re the nearest print shop for her and much closer to home!