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The Dilly Print Shop and Local Artists

The print shop loves working with and supporting local businesses, especially local artists. We have been working with Brook Parker, a long time print shop customer. Brook has been printing with us for years! Brook’s recent work has been featured on TV segments featuring Hawaiian culture. He specializes in artwork that emphasizes the beauty of Hawaiian history and culture. He is dedicated to his work and we love seeing his passion shine through in his work. We have seen so many of his framed paintings sold as in stores – and on his website. We love working with Brook. Every time he stops by to pick up some new prints, we chat about where we saw his recent work as well as his upcoming projects. It’s always new and exciting listening to a local entrepreneur – we love you Brook!

Print Shop for Local Entrepreneurs

We love our business print shop customers. During the pandemic, there was a decrease in business activity, especially local restaurants and service based businesses. It is very encouraging and exciting to see the revival of local businesses. We always look forward to meeting new business customers – and talking about them on our website!

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We also offer other services on property, like storage units and van rentals.  

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Print Shop Layout Services

Our print shop offers a variety of services, from general printing to layouts and design work. We are quick to reply via email and can offer clients a short turnaround time. Although we offer competitive pricing, we are unable to offer the same price breaks that other print shops could provide for very large orders. We recommend that customers check with other businesses that primarily operate as print shops. Our primary business is storage unit services, and because of that, we are not able to offer the same price break levels and discounts for very large print orders. The print shop is a secondary service to our storage unit services. However, we can still offer high quality print services to all customers. We just are not able to provide significant price breaks for those in demand of high volume print orders. The high volume print orders we have done for previous clients included printing for concerts, restaurant menus,  

Print Shop Recommendations

However, we refer clients to other businesses for these cases. Here are some other print shops that we recommend: 

Professional Image

Aiea Copy Center

Office Depot Dillingham

We prioritize our clients and we are confident in referring customers to other print shops if we are unable to offer them their desired product or service. We are also transparent with our pricing structure and want our clients to have the best experience. Therefore, if we are unable to stay in your budget, we still want to fill your printing needs and can recommend you to another business.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.

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Print Shop Demand Returns to Normal

As public events return to normal on a larger scale, we are seeing more independent vendors coming in for print shop orders. We love meeting and talking to crafters and bakers in need of printing labels, menus and price sheets for their booths at craft fair events. The Dilly Print Shop offers these unique printing needs. We love working with entrepreneurs and local small businesses. It is very exciting to see public events kicking into high gear this summer season. We are expecting higher demands this summer compared to last so we encourage all print shop customers to place their orders sooner rather than later! We are happy to accept documents that need to be printed over email. This is convenient for both the customer and our office. Our turnaround time is shorter for smaller print projects compared to larger ones. However, we are quick to reply over email for all projects and get your project moving underway! 

Layout Services for Print Shop Orders

We also offer layout services for a fee if you’re looking for help with designing a unique layout for your print service. This may be of interest to vendors looking to print for very specific product sizes.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.

Computers at the Dilly Print Shop

We are excited to announce that the computers in our lobby are now open for use for all Dilly Print Shop customers! During the pandemic, we have restricted the use of these public computers due to the potential spread of bacteria and concerns for virus transmission. However, now that they are back open for customer use, customers can use the computers to send us documents to print. 

Dilly Print Shop Customer Information

There are numerous customers from the DMV down the street that stop by to print documents. We typically give them the option of using the computers in the lobby to pull up their documents and print themselves. Another option is to send documents to our print shop email address and we can print it directly from our computers. This method is typically much faster. If customers choose to login to their personal email account on our computers, we delete their login information before they even leave our office. We want all print shop customers to know that we immediately delete any sensitive email login information. We want our customers to feel comfortable using our computers.


We also offer other services on property, such as storage units and truck rentals.

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The Print Shop and Young Artists

The print shop loves to see the work of young artists. We offer several options for artists who are looking to print their work. Depending on what the customer is interested in, we can offer glossy cardstock for special prints. 

Lawrence, the Artist at the Print Shop

Lawrence is a young artist. He loves to draw anime characters. He came in to the print shop with his mom to print his drawings on glossy cardstock. Lawrence is very talented. He emailed his work to us and we were able to get it printed the same day for him. This was his very first drawing printed on thick glossy cardstock. His mom was also excited to see his hard work on display. We hope to see Lawrence again in the future so he can print all of his drawings. We love to see our customers light up when their work comes to life. Lawrence, especially, as a young artist, was so very excited to see his hard work printed on cardstock. It made us happy to see him so happy! We encourage all artists to publish their work and put it on display for all to see.


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and van rentals.

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Print Shop for Pageant Printing

The print shop does printing for special events that require booklets, laminated items and unique projects. We offer layout services for a fee and are happy to work with project coordinators to get your vision on paper. We have done printing for several large scale events, like music concerts and even search parties for missing persons.

Print Shop for Pageants

The print shop was prepared to print booklets for the 2020 Ms. Asia Hawaii pageant. Unfortunately, that event was cancelled due to the pandemic. It was rescheduled for 2021 and we were so happy to print the fliers and booklets for it! There are also pageant events scheduled for December this year that we are planned to print for. We are looking forward to working with these events who have been waiting for so long! This year was the first year for the pageant since lockdown. We worked with executive director and producer, Ricky and Vilma, to do all of the printing for the event. It is exciting to see events come back to life after being on hold for so long, we look forward to the pageant events!


We also offer other services on property, like the Dilly Van Rentals and Dillingham Self Storage.


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Print Shop for Graduation Season

The print shop loves supporting the graduation season. Pandemic restrictions are still in place and so many graduation ceremonies are virtual. However, “graduation drive-by” celebrations are common. We have seen many creative celebrations for graduates that still include all of the leis and big signs. The Dilly Print Shop does not print banners but we have been printing big signs and posters for vehicles to display while driving by and honoring their graduates! The Hawai’i graduation season is unlike any other and we love to see the aloha still in place, even during the pandemic.

Print Shop for Drive-By Graduations

Print shop customers have designed creative posters for their graduates. We have seen all kinds of designs and drawings. Some people put posters all over their vehicle while others decorate the dashboard and some even hang out of the vehicle while holding signs! We are impressed by some of our outgoing customers who put so much effort into decorating their car for these drive-by graduations. It’s amazing to see an entire family working together to decorate a small vehicle for one graduate, and we love it! We have even seen some families do drive-by birthday parties. 


Check out our other services on property, such as storage and truck rentals.

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Print Shop for Local Business

Herman, a local artist, has been visiting our print shop for a while now. He typically comes in to print his artwork out in high quality with our machines. We love seeing his new work and are always excited for him to come in. Recently, he has been transitioning to produce more online art and digital work that can be sold online. Herman still stops in to print artwork to showcase his portfolio. Every time he comes in we get to see his new project and we love seeing how he is handling this transition to digital prints. Herman is one of the many local entrepreneurs that stop by our Dilly Print Shop for services. 

Local Business

Maybe one day he’ll have the next big art piece that people are looking for! We love seeing entrepreneurs and other local businesses stop by. During hard times like these, it’s uplifting to see people making the most out of it, and that is what Herman is doing. We love supporting him and cannot wait to see his next big art piece. We love you Herman! 

Print Shop and Other Services

If you are interested in our other services on property, check out our Dilly Van Rentals and Dillingham Self Storage websites for more information!

Dilly Print Shop

Printing Shop Customer Satisfaction

Harvey stopped by our printing shop looking to replicate a tag template he had and do the necessary printing and cutting. Of course this is something we can do, no problem! The order was complete and ready for pick up within the next few days. When he came in to pick up, he was very impressed with how quickly it was completed. And it turned out great! 

Print Services are High Quality

Harvey was happy and satisfied with the final product and mentioned he would return soon for when his company needed more printing. He was happy with the timeliness, service and killer prices! We are happy when our customers are happy. See you soon, Harvey! 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We like keeping our people happy, it’s important to us. Like with Harvey, he was happy with our fast turnaround and quality of the final product. We aim for this kind of customer satisfaction with each customer that walks through our doors!

Like with our printing shop, we also have happy customers with our other services like our Dillingham Self Storage units and Dilly Van Rentals. If you are in need of storage units or truck rentals, check out those sites for more information. We have great customer reviews for those services as well. 

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Holiday Printing Services

The holidays bring in a high demand for printing cards, letters and invitations. Because of the rush of it all, it seems like most of the printing is done at the last minute or right before the event! The end of the year can be busy for many, and the weekends fill up fast with family events, shopping agendas and Santa events for the keiki.

Print Shop Open Saturdays

Geraldine called us on a Saturday needing to print cards. She needed them that day for her flight to LA the following day. So we asked her to come in with the necessary pictures and things to go inside the card. When she arrived, she realized she had forgotten to bring the picture and also left her phone at home! But we still took care of her! We have guest computers available in the lobby for our customers to use. She used our computers to pull up her email and got the photos to us. While we were working on the layout for the card, she mentioned that she typically goes to another print shop on Saturdays. However, that location recently closed their services on Saturdays. Geraldine found us on Yelp and saw that we are open on the weekends and even closer to home for her.

Holiday Cards

She was really happy with the final product and we’re glad we were able to help her out! She was very happy that she found us and loved the layout of her cards!